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I need to write out a critical analysis of a theory of an academic business model or concept. I have chosen Franchising as a topic. It needs to be related to hospitality please. There needs to be maximum of 5 articles from academic sources not business ones. The amount of words I would need is a 1000 but 1100 is okay if needed. Thank you so much for you help!!!!!! Its university level but I am not very advanced with english so the level of writing doesnt need to be high at all as long as the requirements of the briefing notes are met I thinks its okay. I have added a document where it explains all the information about the project in detail, whats needed etc, please have a look at it. 

Thank you so much!!!

BBA6001 Business Development and Strategy Assessment 2 – Literature Review

Briefing notes for assessment 2 – 50% of the module grade

You are required to carry out a critical analysis of the theory of an academic business model or concept. This may be extended outside the immediate content of the BBA6001 course, however, it may be advisable to take a model that has been presented/discussed during the course of the BD & S course.

Examples of these include but are not limited to:

Any of Porter’s models


Matrices such as Ansoff, McKinsey of BCG


Service Quality


Growth models including Mergers and Acquisitions, Franchising and Management Contracting

The Core theory/framework is to be presented and explained (maximum of 200 words) and then critically analysed in relation to other academic research. This may well include contradictory views or perhaps differences in applications in differing domains or geographical locations. Then the link from the model/concept and its relevance to its application in the world of Hospitality and associated Industries is to be explained. It is expected that your analysis may result in a conclusion that justifies your position, either positive or negative, on the model/concept.

A maximum of 5 ACADEMIC articles. These should be academic articles from academic sources, and it is advised that these should be from research carried into in the domain that will allow you to position your critique in relation to its industry application. These should be sourced from academic databases and not business sources. Should you wish to use a non-academic source in order to be able to link your critical analysis to the world of business, then a maximum of one source is allowed.

The ideas that you present in your literature review need to be referenced to the sources that you supply. So, remember that if you cite from the article itself, you can simply use the source reference itself, e.g. (Smith & Jones, 2015). If you use a direct quote from the source, it should have parentheses, and a page number reference to the source, e.g. (Smith & Jones, 2015, p.386). If you use a reference from within in the article, e.g. Porter (1985), you must reference it as (Porter, 1985, as cited in Smith & Jones, 2015). You are required to supply an APA reference list of your 5 sources. A general rule of a reference every 2/3 sentences would be a good rule to follow.

The work should be presented to normal Glion standards with a front page, correct font, font size and margins.

The work should be 1000 words approx. +/-10%.

Turnitin is set to accept multiple uploads, and hence you can check your work for the quality of your referencing. Plagiarism is not an option with this exercise, so please ensure that you upload well in advance of the due date and time, to allow you the facility to check your own work.

Late submissions will not be graded and will receive a zero grade.

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