1250 word essay for 15$$

MLA format (12 pt font, Times New Roman or Calibri: 1000-1500 words Thesis supported by four or more reliable sources 

Choose one of the following options to create an informative essay in 
MLA format. 

1. All of you have a hobby. Yes, you do. Tell me about the significance of this hobby. Address origins, subculture, view in popular culture, and purpose. Or, to say it a different way, when did this start, who does it, what do other people think, and why is this something of interest? 

2. Construct an essay in which you compare and contrast post-secondary education with secondary education. What makes college different from high school? Address issues such as standards, course expectations, funding, and purpose. 

3. Imagine that you’re a business consultant. A new local business needs advice regarding advertising budget. Select the business this company is in (courier service, tutoring, barber, grocery, restaurant, etc) and research and present advertising options. Consider effectiveness, cost, audience for the product, and other applicable criteria when offering a comparison of multiple potential advertising approaches. 

4. Select an issue in your community that will be or has been put to a recent vote. National issues are prohibited; this must be an issue considered at the county or city level (smaller may be applicable, see  me). Present a researched, detailed overview of the issue and its importance, using local sources as well as finding prior precedence for the issue at hand.   

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