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In Box 14.2 it says that “new varieties were introduced to “solve” an increasing number of disease and pest problems that would have caused wheat yields to decline substantially in the absence of the new varieties.” Research, and dollars spent for research on disease and pest resistance has declined markedly in the past 25 years. My question is: should we be more concerned than we are with the possibility that a new strain of a disease might wipe out, or substantially reduce crop yields some day in the near future? Are we ahead of the game with today’s research and innovations and with biotechnology, or should we be worried?



I would like you to do a web search of “potential crop diseases” and write your opinions of whether or not you think we should worry, and why. Cite your source(es) and respond to another person.

    Here is another people’s Forum. You need to see it and write something to response.

     (The article I read was about different viruses that have begun to appear in Greenhouses across North and Central America. All of the diseases have to do with the tomato plant. I personally think that we as a society should be more worried than we currently are about these diseases that are capable of wiping out crop yields. I think that currently our mindset is that we have a never ending supply of fresh fruit and vegetables and that is the way it will always be no matter what happens in the world. That is not the case. We should be better prepared if something like this happens. Hopefully it wont but it is better to be safe than sorry. It would make a lot more sense to me to spend the money now to prepare instead of risk starving citizens later.)


Plz upload your own opinions and the response in different document.


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