Answer questions on a film (calvary) and a book (the book of job)

 Link to movie :

1. Explain and explore these responses to suffering:

a. The Comforters

b. Job, after sitting with his friends and after his arguments with them.

c. Job’s first epiphany

d. God’s response in the speech from the Whirlwind

e. Job’s reaction to God’s speech

f. Father James in the film, Calvary.

g. His daughter, multiple responses

h. The woman in the film who lost her husband in a traffic accident

2. The Book of Job:

a. The narrative, the story from beginning to end

b. The Comforters: their strengths and shortcomings

c. Job’s reaction to his wife and to the Comforters

d. God’s speech

e. The Bill Russell reading.

f. God’s view of Job and of the Comforters.

g. Your view of Job and of the Comforters.

h. Job’s making peace with his lot in life.

3. Calvary:

a. The priest’s “calling,” his vocation.

b. Other examples of callings.

c. Does having a calling make life easier or more difficult?

d. Does the priest ever want to just “blow it off?” Explain his temptation and how it resolves in the film. What would you have done?

e. The scene on the beach. Why does he throw the gun away? What’s his plan? Was his life simply wasted? This calls for a personal opinion on your part. How do you evaluate the success or failure of priest’s vocation?

4. Forgiveness

a. Father James thinking about forgiveness. Fr. James as forgiving? Do you see evidence of this in the film? How about Fr. James as loving? Explain at least 2 examples, that is examples of his lovingness with respect to at least 2 characters in the film, or more.

b. Father James’s impatience with various characters. Does this reveal a lack of forgiveness, or a lack of love, or what?

c. Do you see the topic of forgiveness coming up in the Book of Job?

d. Does Job forgive God? If not, how exactly does he come to peace.

5. a.  Can you imagine a secular analog to God’s speech from the Whirlwind?

b.  What is Job’s reaction to God’s speech?

c.   Can you imagine a secular analog to Job’s reaction?

d. Can you imagine a secular analog to the character of Fr. James in Calvary? Explain in detail.


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