Application of materials (motivation)collaboration,the future

Describe an imagined human services agency in which you supervise employees whose performance is lower than the expected level.
Tasks: Part 1
In a minimum of 2 pages, respond to the following:
•    Discuss the details for this imagined service agency to depict a real situation.
•    Utilizing the core concepts highlighted in this module’s reading, discuss how you would understand the expected performance better.
•    Identify and describe the specific interventions you might apply to increase the performance of the employees.

Part 2
Revisit your imagined human services agency. 2 pages    Add to the collaborative details of your agency.
•    Analyze and describe the current stage of your organization in the interorganizational process.
•    Discuss specific methods to be utilized currently and in the near future to ensure organizational success.
Your discussion should rely upon at least three sources one being Patti, Rino J.. The Handbook of Human Services Management, 2nd Edition. SAGE Publications, Inc, 2008. other from additional professional literature.

Part 3  2 pages
Revisit your imaginary human services agency. Respond to the following:
•    Discuss how the following aspects will impact the future of your agency:
o    Changes in governance
o    Increase in work flexibility
o    Advancement in technology
o    Any other item you consider relevant to your agency

Your discussion should rely upon at least two sources

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