Application Paper

Application Paper

Write a paper outlining your expected real-world application of key concepts presented in this course. The paper may be retrospective/prospective (i.e., how you have applied the relevant concepts or how you will use them). The paper must be grounded in literature and cited appropriately. Among the questions you may want to address in this paper are: • What were the most relevant concepts of the course for you? • What have you learned from this course that has significantly impacted you professionally as you have progressed through this course? • Which key concepts presented in this course will make an impact on your professional success as you move forward in your career? • Based on the knowledge from this course, what will you do differently from now on? 3 BSAD 330 Management and Organizational Behavior, Fall 2020 M1 As you answer these questions, be as specific as possible. The essential criteria in this paper are application and specificity. Your success with this paper will depend not only on how well you demonstrate an understanding of concepts but on how well you can apply them to real-world situations. The more specificity you bring to your discussion, the better the application will be. The paper should be 4-5 pages (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 p., 1” margin) 

For students taking this course to meet CON1 requirement, please make sure to include concepts from both the courses to be eligible for full grades**


BSAD 330-

Course Description This course provides a comprehensive overview of the social and cultural environments of business. It consists of the analysis of individual and group behavior in organizations and the organizational system. Its purpose is to provide an understanding of how organizations can be managed more effectively while enhancing the quality of employees’ work life. Topics include micro themes such as an individual’s approach to job satisfaction, emotions, personality, decision making, and motivation and meso and macro issues such as leadership, communication, power, organizational culture, organizational change, and stress management.

Psych 352 

Social Psychology 

Psychology tends to focus on individuals, while sociology focuses on groups. Social Psychology represents the overlap between psychology and sociology, focusing on individuals in groups. Since we often interact with other people, this course is relevant to our interactions and relationships with others in all aspects of our lives. A mindset of purpose is important for staying motivated. In this course you will gain conceptual tools for analyzing your interactions and relationships, which will increase your understanding of yourself and others. My hope is that this understanding will make your interactions and relationships more meaningful in your life.

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