Article Review 3 And Rough Draft

Article Review 3 And Rough Draft

article review is my first article Which was submitted. you’ll write second article. Article will be for 2020.

there is the explanation how to write an essay. 

I need only 2 pages 


Many organizations present positive leadership elements. However, most of them are constrained by a flawed perspective of their future sustainability, especially concerning leadership and external environmental volatility. The leaders show excellent understanding of collaboration for a sustainable future in short and medium-term gains. The factor preventing collaboration indicates that most leaders have not attained sufficient training on collaboratively leading the organizations. Therefore, the article evaluates leadership collaboration in an emerging customer-focused insurance firm. Collaboration among organizations brings a mutual engagement that helps in solving problems through collective intelligence to deliver organizational results. The engagements should occur outside the organization boundaries without the strict regulations of the individual’s organization controls. It must be guided by the common goals and high level of belonging, negation and interdependence. Primarily, leaders should develop a collaborative culture to have the ability to connect knowledge and expertise with other stakeholders towards achieving a common objective.

The previous investigation addressed the importance of customer centered operations for various organizations. Many writers sought to explain organization collaboration with stakeholders to enhance the customer experience. However, few research studies have address the inter-organizational collaborative leadership and sharing in solving customer challenges. Initially, most organizations brought with them strict conditions during inter-organization sharing processes to enhance customer-centric engagements. The changing nature of the market makes it necessary to provide more insight into the need to facilitate collaboration to enhance customer-centric behavior among insurance organizations.

The previous research demonstrates little concern for the need for collaboration among organizations to meet common objectives and enhance healthy competition. There is inadequate evidence suggesting that leaders have an innate ability to collaborate. Besides, very few leaders have been trained to enhance collaborative leadership. Primarily, collaboration is an essential aspect of customer-centricity. The article connects to the previous reports by bridging the existing gap concerning effective collective leadership in ensuring customer-centric practices. It indicates paradigm shift in leadership, especially concerning share information and collaborations in issues that enhance the performance of individual organizations. The article’s relations with the previous articles enable people to identify the missing knowledge to enhance effective collaborative leadership.

I. Leaders should minimize the gaps by identifying new structures and processes demonstrated by the shared purpose for enabling environment to enhance dynamics of relation in collaborative setting.

II. Leaders must participate and be actively involved in the newly formed relations to enhance understanding and collaboration. It is recommended to start with small-sized businesses which deliver result on the back of collective involvement

III. Leaders should elicited social norms through collaborative undertakings. The social values such as trust and integrity must be manifested through behavior since it sets the stage for crucial leadership collaboration.

IV. The organization structures should be institutionalized to accommodate collaborative culture. Leaders should review the present state of organizations structure and tailor the system to accept the new collaborative design. The current organizations’ hierarchical disposition makes it difficult to implement effective cultural concerns to enhance collaborative leadership practices.

V. The human capital strengths should be focused on the right profile leader within the organization. The profiling should move towards cultural and collaborative changes.


Moodley, T., Vermaak, A., & Govender, K. Evaluating Leadership Collaboration Within An Emerging Customer-Centric Insurance Organisation1. Journal of Banking, Insurance and Management Sciences (Jbims), 25

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