Assignment: analyzing possible violations of academic integrity | CAEX 3100 – Skills for Academic Integrity | Walden University

Now that you have studied Walden’s policy on academic integrity and learned about different types of plagiarism, you will apply this knowledge when analyzing possible violations of academic integrity. This exercise will help you begin developing your skills of recognizing violations of academic integrity.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Think about Walden’s policy on academic integrity, and review the other resources from Week 1.

The Assignment:

Compose a three-paragraph essay in  which you examine possible violations of Walden’s academic integrity policy.  Study the three scenarios below, and explain in your own words whether  violations of Walden’s policy occurred. Organize your paper by writing one paragraph  for each scenario. You are not required to integrate sources in your paper.  However, if you do use source material, please do your best to cite it  properly, per APA style. You will work on developing your citation skills in  the coming weeks.

  • Student  A was told by his instructor that half of his essay matched a paper previously  submitted in a Walden course. Did the student violate Walden’s academic  integrity policy?
  • Student  B used plagiarism-detection software called SafeAssign to check for accidental plagiarism.  The student found a 30% match with source material. Did the student violate  Walden’s academic integrity policy?
  • Student  C was told by her instructor that 20% of her paper contained word-for-word  source language that included citations but not quotation marks. Did the  student violate Walden’s academic integrity policy?
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