Assignment: Business Cover Letter, Demographic Information For Your Business

Assignment: Business Cover Letter, Demographic Information For Your Business

d. Business Cover Letter (ch. 8 – Skill Module 8.2)

e. Demographic Information for your business (ch. 11 – Skill Module 11.2)



Integrating Technology in Small Businesses

Integrating Technology in Small Businesses

Lean Startup Link

Canvas Name: Integrating Technology

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The concept of the Lean Startup Link entails a scientific approach to the creation and also the management of the startups so that the desired products and outcomes will be attained. It offers an effective method that teaches an individual the way of driving a startup-how for steering the individual(s) when to proceed, when to turn and whenever a need arises for perseverance and growing the business, (Ries, 2018). As far as the integration of technology in a small business is concerned, the Lean Startup Link is significant in that it will guide the transformation of the manner that technological devices will be acquired, launched, and used in a marketing environment for ensuring the business benefits from the venture. Regarding this undertaking, it is important to demonstrate some of the constraints diagrammatically to ensure an effective understanding of the concept being explained has been realized.

Lean Startup Progress  

Student Network List: Sources of information about technology integration

Small and large business organizations: The small and large business organizations will be essential sources of business information concerning the way they integrated technology in their businesses and other essential aspects associated with technology in the enterprises. The reason is that the businesses even already incorporated and made use of technology in their operations and as a result, they have essential and significant information concerning the aspects of technology especially the benefits associated with technology. The notable sources will be

Small and large business organizationsContact information
Accommodation and Food

Electronic networks:Electronic networks are also important in the provision of information concerning the integration of technology. They are also part of the social media aspects and they include Instagram, Facebook, and also LinkedIn.

Electronic NetworkContact information

Banks: They are also the essential and potential sources of the required information about the integration of technology in a small business. The most appropriate and accessible banks include JPMorgan Chase Bank and PNC financial services bank.

BankContact information
JPMorgan Chase
PNC financial services

Learning institutions:Schools within my country are also important sources of information concerning the integration of technology in a small business. The essential learning institutions that I would enquire about the issue include San Brandino’s State University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

InstitutionContact information
San Brandino’s State University+1 909-537-5000
Massachusetts Institute of Technology+1 617-441-2884

Elevator Pitch

In the current world of technology, a business might not claim to be safe if at all it has not incorporated technology in its undertakings. The reason is that other businesses, whether small or large have all been involved with the aspect of integrating technology in all their proceedings. Therefore, it becomes important for all the businesses to integrate technology in the operations as technology has been viewed as the major undertaking that is making businesses become effective and also get highly competitive. The reason is that in the presence of technology, a person might access essential information that could otherwise be missing if at all the technology had not been integrated. It is also important to realize that the businesses get lots of benefits after integrating technology in that the business as well as its businesses will be exposed to the outer world for all the people to view and purchase from such a business. As a result, technology has become vital and a necessity for businesses as opposed to the previous moments when technologies in the businesses were viewed as being an option. If a business integrates technology, then it will be at a point of growing fast even within a short duration.

A reflective essay

Engaging in the classroom activities and lessons was an important activity that aided in the acquisition of essential information about the small businesses and how might be run and managed. Specifically, the class activities aided in gaining information that the current world of business is becoming highly competitive especially due to the advances in technology whereby all the firms both small and large are integrating technology that aids in their operations. Therefore, I realized that technology is an aspect that would have significant importance and due to the case, it becomes important to integrate technology in the business to enhance its operation. Specifically, a small business is an activity that has emerged and requires heavy integration of technology so that it might develop even within the shortest time possible. By incorporating technology, the business obtains lots of secureness and might not be faced with certain problems that might be associated with the failure of integrating technology. The classroom activities also revealed that various businesses have applied and relied heavily on technology and due to the practice, they managed to grow even within the shortest time possible. The other important thing that was learned is that various firms and institutions were mentioned that could offer valuable information about how they went in integrating technology and this became an important starting point to examine the topic of integrating technology especially, in small businesses.

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