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Final presentation | Information Systems homework help

Background The objective of this project is to develop an audiovisual presentation on how technology can be applied to solve an organizational problem within an Internet of Things (IoT) framework. Approach the project as if you are recommending a technology implementation initiative to your chosen organization’s technology planning committee. Final Presentation (due at end of […]

The need to belong | Psychology homework help

 Human beings have an innate need to belong. To belong, people must establish and maintain a minimum quantity of enduring relationships. Imagine you are on a team of amateur entrepreneurs developing a new product. A television producer has invited you to pitch your idea in front of a group of investors on an exciting, competitive […]

The story we tell about poverty

   Many people view poverty as a circumstance of one’s own making. Consider this reasoning: Homeless people must not have worked hard enough, tried hard enough, or conformed to society enough. They did it to themselves. Is this perspective accurate, or is it just another way to separate out the worthy and the unworthy? In […]

Application of rc circuits | Electronic Engineering homework help

 Similar to RL circuits, an RC circuit consists of a voltage or current  source, a resistor, and a capacitor. Capacitors can be used for energy  storage, high energy discharge, power factor corrections, as well as  coupling and filtering effects. In this discussion we will be  investigating the many practical uses of our capacitors, the dangers […]

Employment law unit vi proposal

Unit VI Proposal Instructions For this assignment you will consider the following scenario:In the nonunion facility where you work in a human resources (HR) role, there have been rumors of union-organizing activity. There are numerous reports of e-mails to hourly employees at their work e-mail addresses seeking support for union representation. Pamphlets detailing  workers’ rights […]

The operations management team | Operations Management homework help

Scenario Wesley Enterprises is a long-term care facility. The organization was recently cited for deficiencies including infectious disease planning and staffing deficiencies. The CEO has decided to hire a consulting firm to evaluate its current processes and make recommendations for improvement. Upon initial review, the consulting firm has determined that Wesley is utilizing operational processes […]

Discussion words. make sure you provide 2 references and utilize apa

  The PMHNP role has the theoretical orientation, education, and scope to be an effective provider of child and adolescent mental health services. The American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) takes the policy position that psychiatric nurses should be considered members of the primary care workforce; this is in contrast to the traditional medical model, which […]

Which channel is the best

In a 2-page paper, written using appropriate spelling/grammar, address the items below. Remember to be descriptive, and use as much detail in your examples as possible. Describe the relationship you have/had with the person in the interaction. Explain which channel you used initially and why you think it was the wrong means to communicate with […]

what effective strategies are used to mitigate the impact of | TRA-5100 v1: Fundamentals of a Trauma-Informed Approach to Education | Northcentral University

  What are the behaviors and dispositions associated with your professional environment regarding childhood trauma? How does childhood trauma manifests in the educational setting What types of trauma are most prevalent in the educational setting? What are the commonly used practices for responding to childhood trauma? What are the current strategies used? Are there any […]