Business Corporation

Business Corporation


DUE: Week 5 at the start of class via eCentennial Dropbox

Summary: This course “gives students an opportunity to participate in debates towards a broader understanding of the purpose of business as creating sustainable economic and social value for stakeholders” (course outline)In this assignment, you will choose a Canadian company; read the most recent CSR report/s and use a CR theoretical framework given in chapter 1,2, 3 to evaluate corporate responsibility of your chosen company.

Due Dates :

Company Choice (no duplicate)DUE Week 2
ReportDUE Week 5

Late reports will be penalized 10% per day. Failure to turn in an essay will result in a zero (0) on the assignment.

SubmissionSoft copy of report submitted via digital dropbox on e.centennial.


a. Select a Canadian company. (See Appendix bellow)

b. Based on the company’s CSR report/s and website, answer the following questions:

1. What do you know about you chosen company? i.e what they do i.e. product or services? who are their stakeholders, what are their CSR initiative/ programs. Summarize not copy from the company website. Maximum 1/2 page).

2. What are type of CSR activities of your chosen company? (refer to the table below and week 1 lecture)

3. What are your recommendations to the company to become sustainable? (note: use CSR concepts discussed in week #1& 2 such as “Value Motivation”, “Business Ethics”, Caroroll’s typology model”, “Stakeholder Theory Model”, “License to Operate” and ‘Sustainable Development”. Explain why?

Report Format:

· Title page with Student Name and Student Number

· Create a title page, insert page numbers and create a professional document.

· Proper APA 7th Edition referencing is essential. Be absolutely certain to include a properly formatted list of references and accurate in-text citations. Minimum Four sources.

· Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, flow of thought, clarity of ideas and creativity

· Your report should be between three to four, plus title page and reference page, 12 size font, 1.5 line spacing and normal margins.

· Reference page (please make this a separate page)

References: Anytime you refer to ideas that are not your own, you MUST refer to the source both in-text and in the reference page at the end of your essay. Use APA referencing style when you write up your paper. Check Centennial college Library website!

Marking Rubric 30 points worth 15%

CriteriaExcellentGoodFairPoorTotal Marks
Research and ContentQ.1& 2The evidence used reflects multiple viewsClearly defined the company’s CSR activities and different types of CSRA mostly clear understanding of the assignment’s requirementsThe evidence used reflects some viewsA mostly clearly defined the company’s CSR activities and different types of CSRA mostly clearly defined the company’s CSR activities and different types of CSRThe bibliography is missing some piecesPoorly defined the company’s CSR activities and different types of CSR15
AnalysisQ.3Demonstrates exceptional ability to engage in critical thinking and writing in recommendations using more than one CSR conceptsDemonstrates some higher levels of thinking and writing in recommendations using one CSR concepts.Minimally demonstrates some amount of critical thinking and writing in recommendations; Not using any CSR concept.Fails to engage in scholarly thinking and writing in recommendations; Not using any CSR concept.10
Organization/ ProfessionalismAPA style/ formatLogical sequence of ideas. Transitions are effective.Documents sources using APA format precisely throughoutThere are no grammatical, spelling or punctuation errorsTransitions are mostly appropriate. Sequence of ideas could be improved.Documents sources using APA format with a 1 or 2 minor errorsThere are 1 or 2 minor grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors that do not interfere with meaning.Some signs of logical organization. May have abrupt or illogical shifts and ineffective flow of ideas.Documents sources using APA format with 3 or 4 errorsThere are 3 or 4 minor errors in punctuation, grammar and/or spelling which do not break the flow for the reader.Unclear organization and/or the structure don’t justify research objectives. No transitions.Does not use APA format adequatelyThere are major errors in punctuation, grammar and/or spelling which interrupt the flow for the reader5
Total Marks/30

Appendix: List of companies- 234-001

Select a Canadian company as shown below. Matching your number on class list referring to your 1st name For instance, Abbas Bagheri # 1 will select “Manulife Insurance”; Adil #2 will select “Telus”; Arav will select “Farm Mutal Re”and so on.

1Manulife Insurance
3Farm Mutal Re
4Cameco Corp.
5BlackBerry Limited
6Nutrien Ltd
9Rona Inc
10Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp
13Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd.
14Apotex Inc
15Maple Leaf Foods
16Intel of Canada
17Kinross Gold
19Canada Computers
20Acadian Contruction
21AirSprint Inc.
22Bee- Clean Building Maintenance
23Conestoga Meats
25Morbern Inc.


Instructor: Kim H. Nguyen

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