Business Strategy

Business Strategy 

Pick a consumer goods provider in Singapore and critically evaluate its business strategies with reference to at least five academic references. Write your answer in the form of an essay in no more than 5 pages.

Note: Your essay should consist of the following:

·         Cover page 

·         Introduction

·         Main body

·         Conclusion

·         Reference list 

The aim of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for students to have a good grasp of the rationale behind business strategy.  Students are expected to read the textbooks, journal articles and be able to apply the knowledge gained from a real life company. Specifically, students are expected to demonstrate their competence in the following areas:

·         Knowledge and understanding of key concepts,

·         Critical analysis and level of argument,

·         Extent of reading and references used,

·         Structure and presentation of the submission, writing style, appropriate citations and referencing. 


a. You should write your analysis in the form of an essay that includes at least five academic references (textbooks and journal articles). (Use havard style)

b. Length: Maximum 5 pages (excluding cover page and reference list)

b. Formatting: 1.5 line spacing, 12-point Arial, double-side printed. All the references used must be cited in-text in the main body.

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