Case 1-540

Case 1-540

After completing 4 years of undergraduate work and 2 years of working toward an MHA degree, you have graduated, worked in health administration for several years and got a job as the CEO of a medium-sized acute care medical center. You have been at the center for 3 years and are pleased that Gamma Knife procedures will be added to the list of services offered by the hospital. You are expecting the first patient to be scheduled for this service in about a year.

Gamma Knife is a new technology for this area of the country. One of your challenges is to inform the public about the nature and purpose of this procedure, how it can benefit a patient, the risks involved and the positive and negative aspects of the surgery.

The hospital marketing director has just joined the organization from a sales position at a major metro area. He is s genius at public relations and marketing, but, in his own words, he “knows zero about health care.” In addition to recruiting the correct personnel to do the procedure, you must lead a team of hospital employees in taking an integral approach to delivering this new service. This team must ensure that the laboratory, radiology, anesthesia, surgery, ICU, safety, pharmacy, materials management, physical therapy and patient education department all work together for the patients’ benefit.

Analysis and Reflection  

[1] Identify the main factors that could lead to the success/failure of the hospital for adopting the new procedure given its background.

[2] What would be the possible drivers of cost to the patient due to the hospital’s adoption of the new technology?

[3] Present steps that you deem appropriate to lead your team of employee toward successful implementation of the GK procedure.

[4] How would you build awareness in the public regarding the new procedure? What are the possible community concerns regarding the new technology and how are you going to address them?


  1. Prepare an analysis and reflection paper in response to questions 1 to 4. The paper should be at least three pages in length, double-spaced, typed in TNR, 12-point fonts.
  2. Include at least three relevant citations.
  3. Use the APA format.
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