Create an activity reflective of age-appropriate two and


Create an Activity Reflective of age-appropriate two and three-dimensional activities:

Please  create an age-appropriate, week-long activity for your group of young  learners.  I want you to plan around their skill set and creative  ability.  Reflect on your chapter readings for this week and past, and  decide what you feel would be the best activity to put in your lesson  plan to use aesthetics to promote creativity and create a two or  three-dimensional object.  

For the best grade, you will:

  • Discuss  the various ways their use of the various two-dimensional media  combined with the activity motivates your group of early learners,
  • Describe  the tools, materials, and techniques involved in the action (painting,  printmaking, collage, woodworking, etc. in the early childhood program),
  • Explain the idea behind the assignment and describe its benefits for children,
  • Describe, if any, the strategies to working with the materials,
  • Give specific examples of assemblage activities for children and how to adapt assemblage activities for children with special needs,
  • Describe the benefits of your two or three-dimensional experiences for your young learners.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of reading materials by answering all bullets as mentioned above – 5 points
  • Clearly explain why you choose this activity for your group of learners.
  • Explain how the use of aesthetics in the activity will promote creativity within the classroom – 5 points
  • Ensure all materials are listed and clearly explained how to be used – 5 points

While  completing this week’s reading comprehension assignment, please ensure  if a substitute picked up your submission, they would be able to  understand the purpose of the assignment and how to complete the  assignment with your group of learners.

References page not needed

Discussion: manifest destiny and the mexican war of 1846

For the initial post, pick two (2) of the following historical events:

Independence of Texas & The Missouri Compromise

Then, address the following for your selections:

  • Which of your two selections do you consider most impactful on Westward Expansion during 1800-1848? Explain why.
  • Analyze the effects of the ideology of Manifest Destiny on the two historical events that you chose from the list.


550-700 words

APA format for in-text citations and list of references

Physical fitness for the elderly in your community – 4 pages

A tremendous amount of research that points to the importance of exercise for successful aging is available
today. This project allows you to see if this message is getting out to the public. For this project, investigate the
physical fitness programs available for elderly people in your community. Call or visit the websites of any
senior centers in your area to find out what programs are available. You can also research local gyms to see if
any special programs are available for elderly people. Then, interview four people, one in each of the following
age groups: twenties, forties, sixties, and over-seventies; then ask them the following questions:
 How often do you exercise?
 What types of exercise do you regularly engage in?
 Do you typically exercise alone or with other people?
 How long have you been regularly exercising?
 How long do you plan to regularly exercise in the future?
 Why do you exercise?
After completing the interviews, compare and contrast the answers given by people in the different age groups.
Write a report summarizing your findings and indicating how well the message about the benefits of exercise
for successful aging has been received in your community. Finally, make a proposal for your city government
about improvements in programs/facilities for the elderly to promote physical fitness. Make sure to conduct a
literature review to see what strategies work best. 

Hr law week 6 | HRM 510 – Business Employment Law | Strayer University



After briefing the management team on employment law from the Management Team Briefing on Employment Laws assignment, it is time to apply the knowledge to internal processes. There are many fundamental legal concerns surrounding recruiting and the overall hiring processes within organizations. A current review of the company’s HR policies and procedures centered on employment law reveals some possible opportunities to improve the overall recruitment and hiring process. Specific opportunities exist in background checks, employment tests, and hiring and promotions. If not properly administered, these areas may cause employment law issues within the company.


In 6 pages:

  1. Briefly explain your overall understanding of conducting employee background checks. Why are they done? Why are they important? Be clear with your discussion.
  2. Identify and discuss at least two types of background checks you believe most organizations conduct and explain how you will ensure the types you select are properly administered in the company.
  3. List and describe at least five employee drug-testing procedures you would implement to comply with state drug-testing laws. How would you ensure adherence to the procedures?
  4. Briefly discuss your understanding of bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ), affirmative action preferences, and promotions. Then, identify at least three actions you would take to avoid employment law issues with these topics. Be specific.
  5. Go to Basic Search: Strayer University Online Library to find at least three quality academic resources for this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Create an informative speech outline on “the advantages and


Create an outline on the informative speech “The advantages and disadvantages of soliciting advice from strangers on the Internet”

Preparing a strong outline is one of the keys to a successful presentation. For this assignment, you will select an informative speech topic and use the outline template to create your own informative speech outline. 

Additionally, by helping you to have the content organized for your speech, the outline will allow you to focus more time on delivering the presentation.

I need 3 discussions completed by november 18th

I need 3 discussions completed by November 18th. The links to the book and discussions will be provided once payment is made. 

Discussion 1:

Respond to two classmates:

(Comment on two of your classmate’s postings (100 to 150 words each).  Do not just say “Interesting” or “I agree”.  Say something substantial.   Be sure to use standard English grammar and spelling in your reply.) 

Discussion 2:

Respond to two classmates:

(Comment on two of your classmate’s postings (100 to 150 words each).  Do not just say “Interesting” or “I agree”.  Say something substantial.   Be sure to use standard English grammar and spelling in your reply.) 

Discussion 3:

Post discussion: 

(Full and clear answer to the prompt(s) using standard English grammar and spelling (remember these should be your initial ideas; do not look up your answers in the text or elsewhere) (200 to 250 words or more).


Respond to two classmates:

(Comment on two of your classmate’s postings (100 to 150 words each).  Do not just say “Interesting” or “I agree”.  Say something substantial.   Be sure to use standard English grammar and spelling in your reply.) 

Dnp picot articles | Nursing homework help

I need help in finding 3 articles within the last 5 years in the United States relating to my PICOT Question. Please see the attached PICOT Application Form, and please ATTACH PDF version of the articles.

PICOT-D Question: Among older adults with type 2 diabetes in a primary care clinic does the translation of Güner & Coşansu’s research on the utilization of short text messaging impact the pre-prandial blood glucose levels when compared to the current practice in urban Texas in four weeks?

One of the articles must state or mention the use of text messaging or SMS, and reduced fasting sugar or controlled blood sugar with type 2 diabetes.

Another article being translated must be a research done either in the US or Canada. 

Or an article that says translation or guidelines on the utilization of short text messaging………….

Chp 8 discussion – security architecture and design course


If the maker of antivirus software wants to be successful, the software has to be as close to bulletproof as the maker can possibly make it. Nothing is perfect; we certainly should understand at this point that no software can be proven bug free and that no security posture is 100% risk-free. Based on this statement, what do you think it could be better to improve the antivirus software? How safe do you feel to use antivirus software in your organization, and what other precautions do you use to prevent virus, malware, etc.?

Answer the question with a short paragraph, with a minimum of 300 words.   Count the words only in the body of your response, not the references.  APA formatting but do not include a title page, abstract or table of contents. Body and references only in your post.

A minimum of two references are required.  One reference for the book is acceptable but multiple references are allowed.  There should be multiple citations within the body of the paper.  Note that an in-text citation includes author’s name, year of publication and the page number where the paraphrased material is located.

Achilles and hector iliad | History homework help

Compare and contrast Achilles and Hector from The Iliad. For your answer, consider their strengths, weaknesses, motivation, and accomplishments, both on and off the field. Of these two, which one seems the more heroic to you? Why? Provide examples and/or quotes from the text to support your answer.

Week 4 discussion answers | Nursing homework help

please respond to each discussion post with apa references for each minimum 6-8 sentences. Thank you!

  • Describe the pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, evaluation,  and treatment of two diseases of the posterior pituitary–syndrome of  inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH) and diabetes  insipidus (DI).

SIADH and DI are two disorders that often get confused, however, they are opposite each other. SIADH is “Soaked Inside” and DI is “Dry Inside”. The one thing these two disorders have in common is the activity of ADH (Schnur, 2021).  

The pathophysiology of Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone  secretion (SIADH) is first caused by abnormally increased secretion of  antidiuretic hormone (ADH) for no apparent reason. Other times there is a  CNS disorder such as cancer, cardiopulmonary disorders, vascular  diseases, and myxedema for the increased secretion of ADH. Medications  such as antidepressants, antipsychotics, narcotics, and NSAIDS can also  cause SIADH. The unusually high release of ADH will cause water  retention, dilutional hyponatremia, and hypo-osmolarity (McCance &  Huether 2014).

Clinical manifestations of SIADH include dilutional hyponatremia.  Depending on how fast and severe the sodium levels are dropping will  determine the extent of clinical manifestations. Increased thirst,  dyspnea on exertion, and fatigue can manifest with sodium levels between  140-130 mEq/l. GI upset with vomiting and abdominal cramps are seen  with sodium levels of 130-120 mEq/l. Sodium levels below 115 mEq/l will  result in severe sometimes irreversible neurological changes (McCance  & Huether, 2014).

Evaluation and Treatment need immediate attention once clinical  manifestations are present. A diagnosis of SIADH requires urine and  serum lab values to be obtained. Serum osmolality of less than 280  mOsm/kg and hyponatremia of less than 135 mEq/l. Urine hyperosmolarity,  and urine sodium excretion match sodium intake.

Treatment includes correcting the cause of SIADH. The priority is to  correct severe hyponatremia first with 3% hypertonic saline.  Hyponatremia needs to be corrected slowly because too quick of a  correction can cause an additional neurological problem called central  pontine myelinolysis. Fluid restriction of 800-1000ml/day  is also  implemented. Continued monitoring of urine and serum lab values to  monitor the hyponatremia and frequent neurological assessments to detect  any neurological changes. Monitoring of vital signs and I & O’s are  also included in the treatment plan (McCance & Huether, 2014)

Diabetes Insipidus (DI) is a decrease of ADH resulting in polyuria  and polydipsia. Due to insufficient amounts of ADH being produced, there  are three forms of DI with neurogenic (hypothalamic), which are the  most common. Tumors, lesions, infection, and immunologic disorders  disrupt the synthesis, transport, or release of ADH (McCance &  Huether, 2014).

Clinical manifestations include polydipsia, and polyuria, with urine  output of as much as 8-12L/day. Polydipsia with a continued thirst for  cold drinks. Serum laboratory values will show hypernatremia. Urine lab  values will be consistent with a low urine specific gravity because of  the body’s inability to reabsorb water (McCance & Huether, 2014).

Evaluation and Treatment-It must first be confirmed that the problem  is DI and not Diabetes Mellitus. A diagnosis of DI will reveal  polydipsia, polyuria, low specific urine gravity, low urine osmolality,  hypernatremia, and high serum osmolality. A water deprivation test will  also rule out DI if the urine volume decreases with the decrease in  water intake. Treatment will include treating the underlying causes and  medication administration such as DDAVP (McCance & Huether, 2014)

McCance, K.L. & Huether, S.E. (Eds.). (2014). Pathophysiology: The biologic basis for disease 

in adults and children. (7th. ed.). Elsevier Mosby. 

 Links to an external site.

Schnur, M. B. (2021, October 21). Siadh versus di: What’s the difference? NursingCenter. Retrieved November 21, 2022, from

2nd discussion post

An  expansion of the prostate gland is referred to as benign prostatic  hypertrophy (BPH), sometimes known as benign prostatic hypertrophy (Ng,  2022). Lower urinary tract symptoms frequently occur as a result of the  prostatic tissue pushing down on the urethra when it travels through the  prostate. Typically, males 60 years of age and older exhibit this. BPH  and enlargement are linked to aging and androgens in the blood. The need  to pass urine, a delay in beginning to urinate, and a weaker urine  stream are the typical symptoms. Chronic cases result in prolonged urine  retention and overflow incontinence (Huether & McCance, 2014).

A medical history, physical examination, and laboratory  testing, such as a urinalysis, are used to make the diagnosis. Drugs  have been used successfully to treat BPH. Smooth muscle in the bladder  and prostate is relaxed using 1-adrenergic blockers (tamsulosin and  prazosin). Antiandrogen medications, including finasteride (Proscar),  specifically inhibit androgens at the cellular level of the prostate and  cause the prostate gland to constrict (Huether & McCance, 2014).


Huether, S., McCance, K. (2014). Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children (7th ed.). Elsevier Health Sciences (US).

Ng M, Baradhi KM. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. [Updated 2022  Aug 8]. In: StatPearls [Internet]. Treasure Island (FL): StatPearls  Publishing; 2022 Jan-. Available from: