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  Read Article attached then conduct a research paper

Christian Worldview Research Paper Instructions

I. Christian Worldview Integration

You will be able to evaluate ethical business management information systems practices within the context of your Christian Worldview.

In your review of the article in the Reading & Study folder, the authors discuss the impact of how modernism shapes our beliefs and approaches to ethics in business management information systems and academia. After reviewing the article, you will conduct additional research to:

· Discuss the major points that underlie the author’s conclusion that modernism provides limitations in both business management information systems and academia in addressing moral issues and religion. 

· Discuss how the introduction of the Christian worldview as an alternative approach provides a better approach for examining ethical issues in business management information systems. 

· Share your experiences as they relate to the authors’ main points, with respect to your experiences in business management information systems/academia.

II.  Paper Requirements

· Current APA Formatting

· At least 2 pages double-spaced 

· Title page, Reference page, and Figures/Diagrams/Tables will not be included in the page count.

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