Clarify the two differing positions pro con toward world war ?

Primary Source 2- “Let the Capitalists Do Their Own Fighting” (p.286)

As World War I raged in Europe from 1914-17, Americans were divided both in favor and against the conflict. This division is summarized on pp. 285-286 in the textbook.  After reading these pages in the text read “Let the Capitalists Do Their Own Fighting” by the Socialist leader Eugene V. Debs (p. 286) and write a 4- page essay that addresses the following questions:  

  1. Clarify the two differing positions (pro & con) toward World War I.
  2. What were the central reasons that Socialists like Eugene V. Debs opposed the war?  
  3. How did Debs explain the idea of national pride or patriotism in the context of the war?
  4. How did American non-intervention, then preparedness eventually lead to intervention by 1917?
  5. What impact did American intervention in World War I have on the Socialist movement in the U.S.?
  6. must include the outline, essay, thesis statement, and works cited. These must be submitted as one document.
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