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Scientific management is the first management theory known and is dated back in the 1900’s (GCU, 2013). It was one of the earliest attempts to apply science to the engineering of processes and to management. The idea was first offered by Frederick Winslow Taylor, partly in response to a motivational problem. Taylor suggested that managers should scientifically measure productivity and set high targets for workers to achieve (Hindle, 2009).  In the 1920’s workers satisfaction was linked to productivity.  (GCU, 2013). I feel that in the nursing field that workers satisfaction hinges on productivity, or shall I say, that a nurse is more willing to come in and work over time, pick up extra days and be on committees if they feel they are valued by management.

One routine that I find frustrating with my place of employment is the fact that when a nurse does something wrong, instead of going to that nurse, an email is sent out to every nurse and then usually a course of education is mandatory for all nurses. This may seem confusing but here is an example: A nurse was admitting a new patient and one of her patients had been asking for a pain med. We have our work stations on wheel and our computers and wrist band scanners are also on a cart. It is our policy that we scan every patient and use 2 identifiers so that we have the right patient. The nurse asked one of her co-workers to help her and give her patient a pain shot and handed dilaudid to the employee. The employee didn’t follow policy and ended up giving the med to the wrong patient. This caused the patient to get narcanned, and ended up in ICU on a narcan drip which caused the patient to go into pulmonary edema. Instead of talking to the 2 nurses that caused the error, it was mandatory that every nurse take a 2-hour class on medication administration.

My place of employment has several ways you can participate in decision making. I was on Practice Council for my hospital for 5 years. This council has a nurse from every unit on it and we assist in making policies and putting them into practice. We also have shred governance, where the staff on each floor has monthly meetings to discuss needs or changes for the unit.  There are plenty of other council’s nurses can be a part of, unfortunately, many don’t want to give the time to their place of employment. They want to do their job and go home. I find the employees who complain the most are the ones who don’t want to help make changes.





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