Consumer Behaviour – Interview Assignment

Consumer Behaviour – Interview Assignment

Q.  Find someone to interview and select one product, brand,  or service, and discuss the influence of internal factors on a consumer’s decision-making process for that product or service.

For each step in the consumer decision-making process state the following:

Information Search – What did they want to know? Was there something that set their choice of product apart from other products, or services? What type of search did they perform, and what information did they find? 

Alternatives – How did they weigh their choices? What alternatives were important to them? (price, benefits, availability, color, style, etc.)

Purchase Decision – What external and internal factors played a role in their decision? What made them decide this was the best product or service to purchase? Which component of the ABC Model of Attitudes (page 276 in Solomon textbook) was used the most in this decision?

Post Purchase Evaluation – Did the purchase meet a need or want? How? Are they satisfied with the purchase?

Did they receive any post purchase engagement from the company? (Ex. Follow up emails, discount coupons, etc.) 

Lastly, what gaps, did they encounter throughout the process? State one. What can marketers do to improve their experience?

Some things to consider:

How were they influenced by marketing strategies in each phase of the consumer decision-making process?

What stimuli if any, influenced their decision? What grabbed their attention? What problem did it solve?

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