Critical Thinking- Virtual Organization Management

Critical Thinking- Virtual Organization Management

Assignment 1: Critical Thinking. The Answers of this Assignment can include Charts, Tables and relevant Snap shots. Etc. if needed. The

Assignment file must be in Word file

Maximum Grades: 10 Duration: 4 Weeks Number of Words for Each Answer: 100 to 150 Words

Under the Covid Pandemic Situation, many organizations move to functionalize virtually. The different fields like health care,

education, entertainment, media, marketing, communication, services etc.,. Restrictions on movement and trade because of the Covid-19 pandemic have led to a significant shift in consumer behavior in

Saudi Arabia, with locals increasingly turning to digital channels. Retailers may need to adapt their supply chains in response to

shifting market dynamics. “Vertical integration is a pivotal development strategy, especially considering the recent spike in demand

for e-commerce and fresh food delivery, which Saudi Arabia’s supply can hardly meet”.

To prevent a systemic economic collapse and support the recovery, governments are rolling out a vast array of measures aiming at

supporting ailing companies. Big Data holds the key to identifying issues across the entire supply chain, helping to plan for and

instantly adapt to changing circumstances. Questions

1. As a web analyst, suggest the web design requirements to enhance the utilization of online activity.(2 Marks)

2. Is it advisable to start a new online business during this pandemic situation? .(2 Marks)

3. Discuss the Total cost ownership for emerging virtual organization. .(2 Marks)

4. Narrate the importance of Big data maintenance due to increase of virtual activities. (2 Marks)

5. In case of globalized cloud based data sharing, analyze the possibilities of data insecurity, data loss, hacking, etc., .(2 Marks)

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