Define Federalism

On the average, about 20 words per response, some more, some less. 

Please give credit where credit is due through footnoting or including resources so any reader can return to your sources, not to do so is plagiarism. Your analysis and your own words are key to displaying your understanding of our course material. And proof read your work to assure fine grammar and spelling standards are met.   Here we go……

1. Define Federalism.

2. Define constitution.

3 What is the order of the priority of laws for the United States?

4. Define  corporate social responsibility and briefly discuss two theories of CSR.

5. Define admirable qualities and virtuous qualities. See Josephson’s “Core Value Analysis and Decision Process.”

6. What is the difference between subject matter jurisdiction and personal jurisdiction?

7. How many Articles comprise our US Constitution? Name these Articles and what areas of government each covers.

8. Name and briefly define two clauses in the US Constitution. In what Articles do you find each?

9. Define and discuss Procedural Due Process.

10.What is the difference between arbitration and mediation?

11. What is a tort? List and briefly define two intentional torts effecting business.

12. What is the Freedom of Information Act and how does it work?

13. What is a contract? List and briefly define three types of enforceable contracts.

14. Define the Statute of Frauds.

15.Define collateral; list three types of collateral.

16. What is a mortgage? List and briefly discuss three methods of mortgage termination.

17. Define the term bankruptcy. List and briefly discuss four chapters of the Bankruptcy Code.

18.Define and briefly discuss the Fair Use Doctrine.

19. Define property, and list three types of property.

20. Define the term non-consensual lien and briefly discuss four types of this form of lien.

21. Define bait-and-switch advertising. Present an example of this form of advertising.

22. Define and distinguish between disparate treatment and disparate impact.

23. Define employment-at-will. Present three (3) exceptions to termination rights under this doctrine.

24. Define tariff. Present two examples of tariffs now in effect.

25. What is a treaty and who has the right to engage in its formation and enforce treaty negotiations for the United States?

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