Discussion 2

Discussion 2

Discussion (2- Part)

Part 1:

Leaders need to be trustworthy. Please give an example of a leader you consider to be trustworthy and explain why. The leader maybe someone only known to you or someone known to the entire class. This has to be done by Friday. 

Write a reply post, based upon the discussion prompt above, to a classmates’ initial posts. This part of the assignment will be submitted on Friday 

1. Any posts deemed inappropriate will be removed by the instructor and will potentially face disciplinary actions.

2. Communicate in complete sentences and paragraphs.

3. Do not post blanket statements such as “I agree” or “Great Job, Johnny”. If you agree or think a post as great, explain your reasoning.

4. Discuss what you find interesting or what you find missing from the posts to which you reply. How does this apply to you, this course, your assignments, etc?

5. List and discuss ideas you are taking away from this post.

Classmates Post  (Please Reply)

Jaileen Moenic Castro

Thinking of a trustworthy person (leader) I think of so many people. For example Joe Rogan, Dough Jones (AD of Tusculum), and specially Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama has done so much she’s trustworthy, supporting, and a great role model. Of course everyone knows her as the First Lady married to  Barack Obama(44th president). Not only is a lawyer but also a book author. The reason I thought of her was because all she has done while Barack Obama was in office. Caring about kids with her “Let’s Move!”  inspiring kids to keep moving trying to  stop and help children obesity.  The way she would talk about how she loves this country and wants the best for the people makes me trust her. The way she uses her words bring me in what you see is what you get.  



Please summarize this week’s reading from Leader within You 2.0 by Maxwell (Chapter 2).  The summary should be at least 500 words.  You may also include possible applications of the material and/or personal experiences related to the material in your summary.   

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