Discussion For Module 7: Organizational Controls

Discussion For Module 7: Organizational Controls



In previous discussions, you analyzed your organization’s (a) mission, vision, and values to determine how well these statements aligned with the core business; (b) strategic planning process; (c) organizational design; (d) the organizational culture; (e) leadership environment; and (f) team environment. You will now critique the organization’s controls.

Discussion Prompt

For the weekly discussion, please respond to the following prompts or questions in a single paragraph. All responses should be in complete sentences. Do not simply respond to each question; weave the responses into a coherent paragraph.

  • Identify and describe 2 controls in your organization. For each, answer the below questions.
  • What is the level of control (strategic vs. operational)? Please explain.
  • What is the level of proactivity (feedforward, concurrent, vs. feedback)? Please explain.
  • Is it outcome or behavioral-driven? Please explain.
  • Is it a financial or non-financial control? Please explain.


Initial Post. The student will submit one primary post, which will respond to the discussion question(s) for the week. This post must (a) be a minimum of 200-300 words in length, (b) exhibit college-level writing, and (c) include a reference to an external resource, i.e. textbook, course lecture, scholarly article, or appropriate website. All references should follow proper citation rules in APA format. The initial post must be submitted by Friday evening as to provide ample opportunity for feedback from classmates.

Peer Responses. The student will respond to a minimum of two peers with the expectation to interact with and elaborate on peer comments and responses. Comments should not simply agree or disagree with the peer; however, the responses should add to the discussion as to enhance the class interaction. All responses are to (a) be a minimum 100-200 words in length and (b) exhibit college-level writing. The peer responses must be submitted by Tuesday evening.

By the end of the week, each student will submit three posts (1 initial, 2 peer responses), which should total to a minimum of 400 word in length. Evaluation of the weekly discussion forums will be based on the following criteria.

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