Discussion Reply- Response 1-2 Paragraphs With 1-2 References

Discussion Reply- Response 1-2 Paragraphs With 1-2 References

Government-sponsored healthcare programs provide healthcare organizations with reimbursement opportunities based on the patient population that they serve. When administrators understand the demographics of the patient population, they can use that information to develop programs and plans for increasing patient volumes. Consequently, these programs increase patient revenue.

In your initial post, assume the role of healthcare administrator in a hospital environment. How would you approach the challenge of educating your staff on how the team can meet performance objectives for reimbursement from government-sponsored programs? Apply at least one collaborative teamwork principle in your response and explain why you chose that one.

(It may be helpful to review the TeamSTEPPS article from Module One for collaborative teamwork ideas.)

When responding to your classmates, compare and contrast their collaborative strategies with yours. Which do you think would be more effective, and why?

Please respond to post attached in files.

Bonnie Gonzales

Hello class and professor,

Government-sponsored programs are common programs in healthcare that facilitate patient care. Providing proper education to employees can facilitate meeting performance objectives for reimbursement. There are designated employees that work together to ensure all documentation is available when requesting payment from insurance companies. Employees with close contact should receive monthly online education on new guidelines or proper submission for reimbursement. Quarterly meetings should be assigned to clarify any questions or concerns. This meeting can definitely entail claims that have been denied or improperly submitted. We must set examples of pertaining issues and how they can be fixed. Communicating openly and effective can solve many problems and people tend not to use it. I would also plan an onsite visit with the representative of the sponsored program, to further educate my staff and myself. Healthcare guidelines are changing nonstop. We must be ready and well oriented to avoid issues down the road that can affect the hospital as a whole.

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