Disney Assignment

Disney Assignment

Please see assignment #1 which is attached for you so that you can understand what you have to do for the External Environment Analysis assignment which is also attached for you. You will be working on the last slide which is slide 9 in the External Environment Analysis Document. You will need to find 3 points for that category. 

Note: Our industry is the Walt Disney Company-Movies & Entertainment

External Environment Analysis for Strategists

MACRO FACTORS find 2-3 points in Each Category


New and proposed government policies


List Key Economic Driver Data from IBIS Report

Other Current Economic Trend Data


Changes in Buyer Behavior, Consumer Demand, Social Attitudes


New and Predicted Future Technological Innovations


Measurable Changes in Environment Impact, Changing Consumer Attitudes re: Environment


New Laws and Regulations


Some online resources are great for conducting a broad analysis of your industry at the global level. One such resource is: https://intelligence.weforum.org/ and you can sign up for free with your student email address.

Business News Sources are also helpful: Wall Street Journal, the Economist, Forbes, Bloomberg, and others depending on your Region Focus.

CSU Library Euromonitor Passport database, Standard and Poors Net Advantage Industry Analysis Reports

Remember you are looking for Current News and Current and Future Trends as predicted by experts, reports, news, legal developments, etc.

I added some sources in each Macro category for you.

Policy Trends

Check for trade war news, policy proposals (not laws yet!), changes in government behavior (Philippines pulling out of ASEAN) implicit behavior.

This section is highly theoretical and typically least helpful to strategists.

General Business News sources are fine for this section.

Economic TRENDS

This section is one of the most straightforward.

Go to your IBIS Report and Look for Key External Drivers and find the Economic Indicators

Example: Airlines (Industry at a Glance Section)

Economic Indicators: World Price of Crude Oil, Per Capita Disposable Income, Corporate Profit, Trade Weighted Index

Source to understand this Macro Factor in general

Social Trends Consumer Behavior, Consumer Demand, Societal Changes, Social Movements

Resources CSUSB

Euromonitor Passport

Business Source Premier Marketline

ABII Inform

General Business News Sources

Trade Associations for your Industry (email Dr. Takeda for ideas)

Google: Social Trends Impacting (Industry Name Here)

Examples from past reports include (depends on industry)

Increased demand for electric vehicles (report cited)

Increased demand for non-alcoholic beer (report cited)

Increased demand for recyclable packaging (report cited)

Increasing demand for secure passenger guarantees from driveshare services (report cited)

TechnologY Trends

This category is glocal (global and local) – meaning it does not matter where you find a new technological invention or application because technology can be adopted anywhere.

You must identify the specific technology as in provide the actual name of it and its source and cite the source.

The technology does need to relate to your industry yet (but have an idea)

Sources include and are not limited to:



Gartner.com (see Tech Trends Report in Bboard Final Report Section)

Other great sources for Technology: https://www.grafdom.com/blog/top-20-best-tech-websites-and-blogs/

Environment Trends

Here is where Trade Association websites help because they report Climate Trends

COVID impacts and projected impacts can go here

Weather Trends that are Climate related (fires, floods, wind events) go here

Policy Changes that are global and regional from Climate Agreements, Trade Pacts, etc.

Do not report yet but have an idea how your team identifies the impact on businesses in your industry (directly)

Globaledge may have updates

World Trade Organization https://www.wto.org/

World Economic Forum https://www.weforum.org/

UN Climate Council


And others – many others


This is where you put actual NEW LAWS and REGULATIONS that impact your Industry

They must be regionally significant.

They must be NEW (since 2019)

They must be related to the conduct of business in your Industry

Find Regulatory Government websites relating to your Industry and Region






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