Write an essay (12–15 pages) performing an analysis of the industry and firm of your choice.

Complete the assignment and upload your responses to the file upload area of this assignment.

Course Project

Project Outline

This project offers students the opportunity to apply the concepts we have covered in this class. The project involves investigating real world industry and markets as a means to further understanding of theories and concepts presented in this managerial economics course. This project requires student to perform analysis at two levels – the industry level and the firm level. From the list below, you are required to choose one of the industries as your industry focus; and choose one firm in your industry of choice as your firm focus.

The following industries are expected to experience significant change:

· Healthcare Services

· Data Security

· Renewable Energy

· Gaming

· Residential Construction

· Retail

· Transportation

· Advertising

· Insurance

· Telecommunication

· Banking

Select the industry and firm and indicate your selection by submitting the name in the file submission area of this assignment by Sunday 11:59 p.m. EST in the Module 3 week.

In essay format, you are required to perform industry and firm analysis. The essay should explore/incorporate the following:

a. A discussion of the opportunities that exist in that industry.

b. Identifying the four leading firms in that industry, followed with a discussion of your opinion and analysis of why those firms are or have been industry leaders.

c. An analysis of your firm using Porter’s Five Forces Framework.

d. An analysis of your industry’s cost structure. In particular, identifying and distinguishing between fixed costs, variable costs, sunk costs, and entry costs.

e. An analysis of your industry’s demand drivers that may affect revenues.

f. Determine the structure of the market of your industry by drawing from your insights above.

g. A discussion of the factors and trends that are likely to shape that industry over the next 3-5 years.

The essay should be 12–15 pages using 12-point Times New Roman font, 1.5 spacing. All sources should be referenced in APA format.

My Industry was: DATA SECURUTY

My firm was: CISCO

Project Rubric
Topical Relevance5%Directly relevantSomewhat relevantRemotely relatedTotally unrelated
Organization20%Good organization; points are logically ordered; sharp sense of beginning and endingOrganized; points are somewhat jumpy; sense of beginning and endingSome organization; points jump around; beginning and ending are unclearPoorly organized; no logical progression; beginning and ending are vague
Content25%Content indicates synthesis of ideas, in-depth analysis and evidences original thought and support for the topic.Content indicates original thinking and develops ideas with sufficient and firm evidence.Content indicates thinking and reasoning applied with original thought on a few ideas.Shows some thinking and reasoning but most ideas are underdeveloped and unoriginal.
Research &Development25%Sufficient supporting research and facts to support content and conclusions drawn.Some details and facts are non-supporting to the content. Moderate levels of research done to support content.Little research conducted to support content. Factual accuracies are questionable.No research done to support content. No specific details or facts given.
Correct application of economic concepts25%Conclusions, inferences, and analyses are consistent with facts as well as economic concepts and theory.Conclusions, inferences, and analyses are somewhat consistent with economic theory and concepts.Many inconsistences with economic theory and concepts.Numerous inconsistencies with facts and economic theory and concepts.
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