EP Project

EP Project

Research Project II: Project concepts description

Provide a brief description (½ page each) of following concepts as presented in

the Pinto textbook:

1. Project life cycles: Conceptualization, planning, execution, and termination

2. The determinants of project success

3. Identification and management of Project stakeholders

4. Project Screening and Selection

5. Successful Projects Need Leaders

6. Project Champions

7. Project charter and scope statements

8. Stages of team development

Your paper should be Times New Roman, 12pt font and double spaced . Margins of the paper should be 1”. Do not allow your margins to be reduced by utilizing bullet point margins. This will lead to point deductions. You might use Peer reviewed articles and textbook as references, however reading, using and citing Pinto Textbook is required. (30Pt)

If you need help regarding APA, see the following link for APA samples: https://apastyle.apa.org/style-grammar-guidelines/paper-format/sample-papers

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