For your final paper, you are to select a local government budget to utilize for a comprehensive paper that will review that city’s budget in the context of the materials and concepts that have been discussed in this course. Specifically, your paper will want to address any and/or all of the following:

1. Revenue – Sources of income; amounts/percent derived from different sources of income; revenue in dollars and/or percent compared to previous years; revenue forecasts for future years; other issues concerning revenue.

2. Expenditures – Nature of expenditures; comparison of expenditures vs. revenue for current year/previous years/future years; allocation of revenue for operational vs. capital expenditures; other issues concerning expenditures.

3. Administration – Methods of collection of revenue; oversight of expenditures; structure of government; planning efforts (strategic, capital, etc); type of budget used; other issues concerning administration.

4. Context – Efforts concerning transparency, progressive or regressive taxation, budgeting as an economic development tool, revenue and expenditures versus other nearby local governments, accountability efforts.

The local government budget that you select must have the following characteristics: 

  • Must be current (Fiscal Year 2018, Fiscal Year 2019 or Fiscal Year 2020) 
  • Must be local – no state budgets permitted
  • Must have electronic access to the entire budget in MS Word or PDF format
  • Must contain enough information to address the points listed above

Running Head: DISCUSSION 1


Final Paper Proposal

Laval Castleberry

Public Finance Administration

Valdosta State University


Lowndes County approved a $108 million budget on June 25 for the fiscal year 2019. The budget is approved based on the total forecasted budget of county expenditure which is estimated at $ 108 million. The funding will be divided into primary domains of education, health care, shelter, criminal justice, public relief, and emergency situation. The secondary domains include spending on the reinforcement of public infrastructure but that is situation dependent. The categories included in the primary domain are all basic human rights and they cannot be denied at any cost. New policies are created for updating the education and health sector because previously they have not been prioritized. The education programs include more public schools and the provision of better services for current schools. A new community college is also under the planning phase. The health sector requires up-gradation of wages and incentive programs for medical and paramedical staff at the public healthcare facilities and hospitals. Some infrastructural changes are also needed which will be covered under the current budget allocation. A food program is under pipeline for the provision of food for school children, workers in public jobs, and for the homeless. These food programs will be integrated with food banks but the system will be reinvented and modernized as per recommendations of nutritionists and health experts. The goal is that the food banks should never run short of funds and food is present for the needy all the time. Moreover, the criminal justice system needs major funding to improve rehabilitation facilities. Public relief programs will be for the elderly, single mothers, orphanages, the unemployed, homeless, and people below the poverty line. This program will ensure the provision of basic rights for all the needy and resource-less people. Lastly, some amount will be allocated for the emergency program which will be for unseen and unpredictable cases including both man-made and natural disasters (Lynn, 2019).

References Lynn, T. (2019, 26 June). County approves the 2020 budget. Retrieved from Valdosta Daily Times: https://www.valdostadailytimes.com/news/local_news/county-approves-2020-budget/article_58a3405c-6bef-532d-9f44-a94615286232.html#:~:text=VALDOSTA%20%E2%80%94%20The%20Lowndes%20Count

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