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The Cation Experiment (Exp. 16) is a general chemistry “rite of passage”.  It is an integral part of the general chemistry curriculum all over the world.  In this qualitative analysis of an unknown sample, you will be asked to determine the presence or absence of sixteen cations in a “virtual unknown”.  It is the kind of training that requires attention to details, logical reasoning, reading comprehension, patience, and perseverance!

You will study the procedure and its relation to the cation schematic.  The videos provided will help you visualize those procedures and the positive/negative tests therein.  In the Cation Analysis Presentation you will find an in-depth illustrated description of every step.  Please use all these resources in combination with the schematic to better understand the identification of each cation.

You will be given a “virtual unknown”, which will be represented by a set of observations/results  based on the steps outlined in the procedure.  You will analyze those results and decide if each cation is present or absent.  Your instructor will guide you through this important laboratory training.

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