Extra Credit Assignment: Download And Implement Zotero

Extra Credit Assignment: Download And Implement Zotero

ILO: Control such surface features as syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Download Zotero onto your computer. Use it to save your sources from this week. Create a bibliography from them in your discipline’s citation style. Use the instructions in the LibGuide on the front page and under “Creating Bibliographies.”

Zotero- https://www.zotero.org



Week 6 Assignment Sources

Danielle Mazanti

Southeastern University

English Comp 1


Week 6 Assignment Sources

Melé, D. & Fontrodona, J. (2017). Christian Ethics and Spirituality in Leading Business Organizations: Editorial Introduction. Journal of Business Ethics, 145: 671–679 https://doi.org/10.1007/s10551-016-3323-3

The article, an editorial introduction by Domènec Melé and Joan Fontrodona expounds more on Christian ethics and spirituality in leading business organizations. In other words, the article places an emphasis that indeed Christian ethics including spirituality indeed plays a fundamental role in achieving business success. Based on the article, it is shown that Christian ethics as utilized in the field of economics and business has spanned for a long time. Throughout their histories, it is evident that the concepts have immensely developed over the time consequently bringing in specific principles and guidance for the better. In particular, Christian spirituality has been essential in the fields with deep roots in Christianity though continually evolving. Hence, the article incorporates the aspect of optimism with virtues linked to both Christian ethics and spirituality in guiding business organizations.

Melzer, D. (2020). Understanding Discourse Communities. Retrieved from https://writingspaces.org/sites/default/files/melzer-understanding-discourse-communities.pdf

Understanding discourse communities by Dan Melzer employs the concept of discourse community as defined by John Swales to elaborate on why the concept is fundamental especially in the field of college writing and far beyond. In this respect, the section provides more details on the manner in which genres functions in discourse communities, the reason as to why various discourse communities places differing expectations for writing and also in understanding what qualifies as a discourse community. The article utilizes classic examples on personal level to elucidate more on the concept including further illustrations within academic realms of history. Nevertheless, the article has defined stance on the concept including elaborations on its benefits and the related challenges. In its conclusion, students are compelled to raise inquiries as they are subjected to novel discourse purposely to enhance their effectiveness is such areas like communication.

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