Favorite Movie

Favorite Movie

Your Favorite MOVIE is a Great Movie, Right? Persuade Me.

Your video should persuade/convince me that your favorite film (of all-time) is a great film – a film that I should watch as soon as I get the chance. How you decide to convince me is up to you.

Be sure you have reviewed all of the “persuasive” lecture notes, and you have gone through the power- point slides – which explain exactly how to create an effective video presentation. The slides also explain how to discuss your favorite film.

Here is what I will be looking for: 

1. Presentation: Are you engaged, personable, and energetic? Smile?

2. Knowledge: Do you “know” the film and does your knowledge help persuade the listener?

3. Organization: Do you explain your ideas in an orderly way, so the listener can follow you?

4. Eye contact, volume, speech patterns and the rest of what we went over. 

This is a graded assignment, so be sure your video is an example of your best effort. There is no time restriction or limit. Use your own judgment. Remember, if your video is too short and leaves the listener with questions, your persuasion will suffer. But, if your video is too long, you risk “losing” your audience, and your persuasion will suffer. 

NOTE: The film you choose to discuss DOES NOT MATTER! You will be graded on the concepts listed above – not the film you discuss.

Have fun

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