Final exam.docx write a scene between any two main characters from

Final EXAM.docx Write a scene between any two main characters from any of the plays we have studied that takes place 5 years after the action of the play ends. Place them in a specific setting, in a specific context. The meeting cannot be accidental-one  character must have initiated it for a reason. Each character must want something in the scene. Your scene must follow the dramatic structure of a play:exposition, complication, rising action, climax and denouement.


1-      Option 3: Write a scene between any two main characters from any of the plays we have studied that takes place 5 years after the action the play ends.

I have chosen to write a scene for the play “Master Harold”… and the boys” between Hally and his father.

We are in 1955 and it is ahot summer afternoon in South Africa.  The St. George’s Park Tea Room has closed earlier and all the servants have finished their work and have gotten their salary.

Other elements: A table, twochairs, a box of candies and a glass of milk. In the kitchen, there are several bottles of different types of alcohol.


At the table, Hally is 20’s, is reading an article in the newspaper where they talk about a boycott in the United States.

He is totally focused on the article and at the same time, he is taking notes in his notebook.

At the almost end of the room there is his father, in his mid-fifties, reading a coming book.


          Hally’s father: Ahahaha… that is so funny.

(Hally continues to read his article)

          Hally’s father: They are so ugly these people. Hey, chum don’t you find them ugly?

          Hally: They are whatever you say they are dad; just let me read my article.

          Father: What are you reading?

          Hally: I am reading an article about the Montgomery Bus Boycott in the United States.

          Father: Why is there a boycott?

          Hally: A black woman was thrown in jail because she refused to give her place to a white man.

          Father: She deserves it then, she should have just given her place if she did not want to go to jail.

          Hally: You know that is exactly why I cannot talk to you. You are always ready to judge.

          Father: What do you mean? The white man has always the priority over the black. You should know that.

          Hally: It is not a question of color; it is a question of respect. No one should have forced her to cede her place.In addition, she was respectively at the coloured section.

          Father: Come on, Hally. Don’t tell me that now you are defending that stupid nigger?

          Hally: Is there a problem with that? I think that South Africa need people like this to make a change.

          Father: What? That is so insane. You have been brainwashed. Did Sam and Willie put all of this and your head?

          Hally: Leave them alone.

          Father: Oh, I have hurt you. I always knew that these hooligans were important to you. (taking a drop of alcohol)

          Hally: I am ashamed of you. I always wonder why you are my father. You are such a racist.

          Father: I always wonder why you are my son. Always defending these primitives’ people.

          Hally: I defend them because they are always oppressed and that I believe at least one day, all of this discrimination will stop.

          Father: I would rather be dead rather to see that day where blacks would be granted the same right as white.

          Hally: Then you better. Because that day, I will be walking in the streets of South Africa with them. This day will be a new chapter in their lives and new Day for Africa.

(Father starts to get angry, tries to take his crutches and he gets up)

          Shut your mouth Hally. You are saying bullshit.

          That day, they will be not considered as Blacks, hooligans, nor primitives. They will be considered as human beings just like you and me. They will not be judged by their color or physics but by their capacity.

(his father throws a bottle of alcohol, but he misses Hally).

          STOP. I am tired of your bullshit. I did not raise you for that.

          Yeah. You are right. You did not raise me for that. Simple, you did not raise me at all. You were always drinking and saying racist jokes. I am just tired of your behavior.  Sam is much better than you are.

          Ah. You prefer this black servant as your server than me.(pushing Hally) Then go find your animal. You are alike.

(Hespits in his father’s face).

          This is for insulting me.

          Get away from me.

          I want to go far away from you. No one can live with you. If they are near to you, you contaminate them with your ideas. Five years ago, at the same place I spat in Sam’s face for your consent. Today, I do it to you because I realized what I have done to him was wrong. Do not ever talk to me again, forget me as your son because I have already forgotten you as my father. ( He exits the Tea room and leaves his father in tears.)










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