Finite Math Powerpoint Project (FINAL!)

Finite Math Powerpoint Project (FINAL!)

Final Project 

 Please follow the zoom video instruction on how to download and graph the data.

Topic: MA171DLEU1A2020 Finite Mathematics
Date:Jul 13,2020 2:09 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Recording-1(33 MB)

Password: 5R#x%$8F 

PowerPoint Presentation

· Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation: minimum of 6 to maximum of 10 pages

· Include Stock Analysis and Compound Interest Comparison

· Use Excel Functions for Calculations

1. Stock Analysis

a. Pull 12 Months of daily stock prices (JUL 2019 thru JUN 2020)

i. For Two (2) Stocks

ii. Note: Can’t be in the same Industry

2. For the Months of JUL 2019 thru March 2020

i. Compute the Average

ii. Compute the Standard Deviation

iii. Compute the Upper & Lower Control Limits at 2 Standard Deviations

3. For the Months of April 2020 thru June 2020

a. What is the Mean (Average)

b. What is the Median

c. What is the Mode

d. What is the Range (low and high prices)

e. Graph the daily Stock Prices (line graph)

i. Include UCL & LCL

ii. Add Trend Line

iii. Discuss Results (bullets) in PowerPoint Slides

4. Calculate Compound Interest (include in PowerPoint Presentation)

a. Initial Investment = $0

b. Monthly Contribution = $500 (40 years) and $1,000 (20 years)

c. Length in Time in Years = 40 ($500) and 20 ($1,000)

d. Estimated Interest Rate = 8

e. Interest Rate Variance = 2

f. Compound Frequency = Annual



i. Compare & Present Results in PowerPoint Slides

j. Include Graphs in your PowerPoint Slides

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