Follow The Outline, And Complete The 4-6 Outline

Follow The Outline, And Complete The 4-6 Outline

The business outline is on the 7 page of first file. 

I have complete the first 3 parts, plz help me complete 4,5,6 outline.

According to the Business outline sample, and reference the first 3 parts of the plan I have wrote, just to complete the 4,5,6 parts of them in the second file.

The theme is talk about UPS store in Campus.

if you have any questions, feel free to ask me anytime.

ADMIN 4900 Business Plan Final Paper

Part 1 

UPS Store on CSUSB Campus  

5500 University Parkway 

San Bernardino Ca 92407-2393

(909) 537-5000 

Current Service problem to solve: Because the local post office is very busy due to high demand, they have been delaying postal services. Having a UPS Store on campus can provide postal service for the entire campus without any delays.

· Problem Characteristics:

· High demand in local postal service

· Low in space

· Low in resources

· Low in employees

· Unsatisfied customers

·  Problem effects on stakeholders:

· Unsatisfactory service = unsatisfied stakeholders

· Why is it important:

· It is important to solve the problem because it will affect UPS’ reputation in a negative way 

· Competitors will have more success if the problem isn’t solved.

Service Characteristics: Retail shipping, postal, printing

· Uniqueness, niche:

· UPS provides its services in 200 countries. 

· The largest package delivering service in the world 

· High/Low Cost:

· Rent for space

· Weekly payroll

· Equipment (Mailroom)

· Distribution Channel of Service 

· Provide a mail room for students’ easy access to their packages/mail

Part 2

· Industry history

· Market and History definicion 

· Industry- “a group of manufacturers or businesses that produce a particular kind of goods or services”

· Market- “a group or groups of customers who require the products and services provided by an industry”

· Major competitors and descriptions

· Top 3 Competitors: FedEx, DHL, and USPS

· FedEx ( )

2. Strengths: Overnight Shipping service, tracks packages to provide instant real time updates, operates in 220 countries 

2. Weaknesses: Poor management of capacity demand, increasing transport cost

2. DHL ( )

3. Strengths: growing in developing countries, largest global freight carrier

3. Weaknesses: Poor marketing

2. USPS( )

4. Strengths: been around for 200 hundred years, located in almost every town across the nation

4. Weaknesses: Federal government institute, limited to diverse expansion, not in the free market

Competitor Strategies and niche

3. FedEx supply chain allows quick overnight shipping

3. DHL: according to Tim Coltman, John Gattorna and Stuart Whiting, DHl divides their target market into segments for customer alignment at no additional cost 

2. Tim Coltman, John Gattorna, & Stuart Whiting. (2010). Realigning Service Operations Strategy at DHL Express. Interfaces (Providence)40(3), 175–183.

3. USPS provides services for the US

· Product/Service History

Service features

1. National and international delivery system 

1. Tracking 

1. E-commerce

1. Contract logistics

What problem does service solve?

2. Delayed shipping and delivery 

2. Shipping protection

2. Tracking assurance 

Category sales 

Previous Performance Versus Competition History(

4. UPS stock performance was 39.66% while competitors were at 29.58% 

. Estimated market shares (–129/ups-market-share )

5. 128%

· Company History

Start (

1. 1907


2. Small office 

2. Deliveries made by foot or on bike 

Major changes 

3. 1929 started overing air services through private airlines

Mission statement ( )

4. Grow our global business by serving the logistics needs of customers, offering excellence and value in all that we do. Maintain a financially strong company with broad employee ownership-that provides a long-term competitive return to our shareowners. Inspire our people and business partners to do their best, offering opportunities for personal development and success. Lead by example as a responsible, caring, and sustainable company making a difference in the communities we serve.”

· Organization Plan

Who is in charge?

1. Business partners Jessica Mercado, Nam Doan, Ziyang Chen

· Department/Division leader

· Domestic and international shipping – Jessica

· Mailbox services- Nam & Ziyang

· Leadership Style

· Training new hires with a coaching leadership style 

· Hiring practices 

· Great attitude for customer service 

· Look for drive and vision

Part 3

· Technology Available 

· Access to 2 computers in store 

· Access to 2 more computers for customers

· Customer access to copy machine

· Customer access to printer 

· Customer access to fax machine

· Primary Research Collection

· Personal Interviews

·  Interview current UPS customers on previous UPS experience

1. Can help improve service satisfactory 

Focus groups 

2. get online feedback from customers on technology in store and customer service experience

Survey Data Collection and Analysis

3. Collect all surveys and data to identify trends in sales

3. Request surveys to collect data for store/service improvements 

 Customer Purchase Data

4. Observe, track  and document customer purchases

4. observe, track and document customer interactions with in-store technology 

· Technology Advancements


1. Software for package labels 

1. Scan barcodes and labels to input into tracking system in central computer 

1. Use UPS Global View software to track packages

Media Driven

2. Collab with csusb to create social media platforms and market UPS on campus store 

2. Promotions with CSUSB social media platforms

Data Collection

3. Require customers to complete quick and simple surveys on the store computer after use

1. Forces customers to provide feedback

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