Generic Competitive Strategies

Ch 5 Five Generic Competitive Strategies and Ch 6 Strengthening a Company’s Competitive Position  due Oct 13

  • Media Research – “Tell me something I don’t know” article that might affect the attractiveness of that market
  • Select an article from any media source that might affect business – using Ch 5 Five Generic Competitive Strategies and Ch 6 Strengthening a Company’s Competitive Position concepts  
  •  Use 2 L.O.s from Ch 5 and 2 L.O.s from Ch 6 to analyze the company’s management (each L.O. should have 3 examples at 100 words per example).
  • Apply the concepts toward your final paper  — remember this is a Strategy and Policy approach to entering the marketplace
  • Submit all responses in the appropriate Blackboard Discussions module

THIS CHAPTER 5 WILL HELP YOU UNDERSTAND:                               with audio

1. What distinguishes each of the five generic strategies and why some of these strategies work better in certain kinds of competitive conditions than in others2. The major avenues for achieving a competitive advantage based on lower costs3. The major avenues to a competitive advantage based on differentiating a company’s product or service offering from the offerings of rivals4. The attributes of a best-cost provider strategy—a hybrid of low-cost provider and differentiation strategies 

THIS CHAPTER 6 WILL HELP YOU UNDERSTAND:                           with audio

1. Whether and when to pursue offensive or defensive strategic moves to improve a firm’s market position2. When being a first mover or a fast follower or a late mover is most advantageous3. The strategic benefits and risks of expanding a firm’s horizontal scope through mergers and acquisitions4. The advantages and disadvantages of extending the company’s scope of operations via vertical integration5. The conditions that favor outsourcing certain value chain activities to outside parties6. When and how strategic alliances can substitute for horizontal mergers and acquisitions or vertical integration and how they can facilitate outsourcing 

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