HR Information Systems Project

HR Information Systems Project

HRM 503- Human Resource information

systems Course Project

The purpose of this project is to investigate factors associated with the analysis, design and implementation of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS).

There are two deliverables for this project (submission deadline week 12):

1. Project presentation. 2. Final report describing the project design and implementation.

A. Project Teams

You can work individually or with a smaller team (each team consists of 3

students). All students in a team are working on the same project.

All team members must take part in all project activities, although

responsibilities may be divided so that different members take lead in different

activities. But, no activity should be done exclusively by a single person. While

the volume of work of each group member on each project component may not

be equal, their contribution to the overall project should equal out.

B. Project report

For this deliverable, every team is expected to submit a document describing

their project.

The report should contain the following: Every report must have a cover

page containing:

. the course title,

. group number,

. project title,

. submission date, and

. all team-member names.

The second page of each report must detail the breakdown of individual

contributions of each team member to the project.

The rest of the report must contain the following sections:

1. Project Definition;  Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of your HRIS system.

 Suggest three (3) specific reasons why you would recommend that system over the other.

 Suggest three (3) efficiencies that an organization would gain from using HRIS

2. Project Planning and Analysis  Identify Project organization charts.

 Document your project current capabilities.

 Identify and prioritize your business Needs.

 Conduct a Gap Analysis.

 Is It Feasible At This Point To Implement your System That Can Meet your Critical Needs?

3. Project Design and Management:  Briefly, assess your system Technical, Operational, and Economic feasibility.

 Apply two software-development method (linear, cyclical, or blind of the two) of project management to achieve the benefit of both models with respect to your own


 Apply 2-Project management tools (PERT chart, Fishbone Diagram).

 Identify the main Project Stakeholders.

4. References: List all the references (books, journal/conference papers), web pages

(include URL and webpage title) that have been used in the project.

C. Project and Presentation

For this deliverable, every team is expected to give a live presentation for their


The project presentation will be held during a class period. Each ppt shall last

no more than 15-min. If you have preferences regarding the order of

presentation, please send ASAP an email to schedule your presentation.

All team members should attend the presentation. I will assume that the absent

students were not involved in the project work.

Dr. Walaa AbdelFattah

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