Hw-1729 investigating stakeholder organization fda


Select and investigate a stakeholder organization from the list below.  Post your selection in the Assignment #1 Discussion section so that your fellow students are aware of your choice. Only one student per Stakeholder Organization!

In this assignment students will gain expertise in identifying and analyzing the role of stakeholders in the U.S. Health Care Sector, examining the health care sector from the perspective of stakeholders, and examining the leadership and management of a stakeholder organization.

This assignment calls for a 3-5 page report (not including title page or reference page).  The student should address the following:

  • Name      and provide a brief overview of the stakeholder organization. Identify and      describe the key health care issue the stakeholder is influencing, who is      being represented by the stakeholder, the desired impact of the      stakeholder on the issue and what the stakeholder’s members or      constituents stand to gain if the desired outcome is achieved.
  • Identify      and explain the stakeholder organization perspective: Payer (insurers,      government payers, and employers); Provider (entities and individuals      providing services in the health care system); Patient (consumers); or      Producer (a product developer) could also be examined in this assignment.
  • Identify      an organization that the stakeholder partners with OR an organization that      opposes the stakeholder and describe their perspective on the same issue.
  • Identify      the most senior leader of the organization. Describe his or her      educational and positional background. Identify the duties and      responsibilities of this leadership position and why this position is      important to the stakeholder organization and healthcare as a whole.      Describe the knowledge and skills this position requires, list some of the      other the stakeholders this individual would work with and describe the      nature of the stakeholder relationships.  Describe the impact a      person in this career might have in improving the health care system.
  • As is      the case with all academic papers, a well-organized paper will have a      clear introduction to the topic, a body, and a conclusion or summary      paragraph. In addition, a well-written paper will have minimal grammar,      spelling, or sentence structure mistakes and it will fully conform to all      APA formatting standards. 

 ***• Food & Drug Administration (FDA) www.fda.gov*

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