Initiating The Project – Problem Set 3

Initiating The Project – Problem Set 3

Project Charter Decision Matrix Exercise

This exercise is based upon the TriHealth matrix provided on page 64 of the Kloppenborg text.

Based on the attached project scenario complete the Project Charter Decision Matrix. The Word document template provided will allow you to click on the desired box to provide an “X” for that selection. After completing the matrix you will provide justification for each of your selections based upon the provided scenario. You will then provide your recommendation of whether “no project charter”, a “mini project charter” or a “full project charter” would be required and why.

The document should be single-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font. The template is already formatted this way so do not change formatting. Complete the entire assignment within the provided template.


You have been selected by your supervisor to determine whether or not a project charter should be completed for a specific project based upon a project charter decision matrix. If indeed a project charter should be required you will need to determine whether a full project charter should be developed or if a very basic project charter would be sufficient. You will also be required to provide justification for the selections you provide in the decision matrix. The project scenario assigned is described below:

The Kentucky Department for Professional Licensing (DPL) is an administrative agency that contracts with state licensing boards that oversee the requirements of professional and occupational licensing as well as enforce violations and complaints against or by licensees. DPL currently contracts with twenty-three (23) of these Boards to provide administrative services. The Boards are small and/or have restricted revenue thus requiring these contracted services versus hiring their own staff and providing their own infrastructure. The Commissioner of DPL oversees all operations, employees and infrastructure of the Department. Individual Boards are led by a Chair but are not involved in the operations of DPL.

DPL has secured a $150,000 grant from the United States Department of Labor to upgrade their licensing software in order to ensure future compliance with systems in other states to potentially permit a shared platform approach if the states should enter into any interstate licensing compacts whereby licensees are able to work in multiple states without being required to secure a license from each of the states. The future cooperation between states is not a part of the current upgrade project.

DPL has worked with the Kentucky Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT) to draft an RFP for these services. COT will also be responsible for overseeing the completion of this project as this organization is responsible for the oversight of all information systems within the executive branch of the state government and will be represented by one of their special project managers. After receiving numerous proposals, BlockTech Systems has been selected to design and implement the new software platform based upon their own blockchain technology.

The project is scheduled to be rolled out in three (3) phases with each phase being required to meet the stipulations within the scope of the initial grant and signed off by the representative of the US Department of Labor.

Based upon this information you will need to complete the Project Charter Decision Matrix and Justification form to be submitted by the scheduled due date and time.

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