International Management Theory PPT

Required 15 slides without introduction 

Your task is to conduct a global industry comparative analysis that will help develop the strategy

for expanding your organization’s products into a new country. Note that the term products will

refer to products, services, or a combination of the two.

In this fictional market expansion, your analysis will examine a real-life organization. To

accomplish this task, you need to identify and assess the risks that your organization may

encounter, such as market barriers and competition, as well as opportunities for success in the

selected country. As the general manager for strategy, you have been tasked with the following:

 Analyze your organization’s resources and capabilities (organization profile).

 Evaluate the external environment, specifically the industry in which your organization

operates (industry analysis).

 Select a new country as a market for expanding your organization’s products (country

risk assessment). You will select one country from the provided list and assess the risks

associated with doing business in that country, including risks presented by its economic,

political, and cultural environments.

Based on your research, in Week 5, you will make a recommendation to your senior vice

president and CEO on expanding into this new market. Be sure to budget enough time for each

of the following 12 steps:

1. Choose an organization

2. Examine your organization’s background

3. Analyze the strategy and competitive position of the organization

4. Develop your organization’s competitive strategy statement

5. Summarize financial performance of your organization

6. Analyze trends in your industry

7. Apply Porter’s Five Forces Model

8. Select a new country as a candidate for market expansion

9. Assess international expansion

10. Conduct a PESTEL analysis

11. Assess global value chain

12. Examine cultural issues

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