Letterhead And Memo Template

Letterhead And Memo Template

Create a Letterhead Template:

You can create personal letterhead, a fictitious company or a future company you would like to open. You can also recreate your current company’s letterhead, but if you select this option, be sure to create a new logo. It should include all of the items listed in the attached examples. Also, your letter and memo design should be to scale.  That means, no larger than 3 inches from the very top of the page to the bottom of your letterhead and your memo design–you can adjust the top margin up to .5″ for more room if you need to. This includes the to, from, date and subject lines in the three inch requirement. ALL of your letter assignments  should be turned in on your letterhead.

For your letterhead template, you should keep the following items in mind:

*If you abbreviate a Street, Lane, Avenue, etc, you must have a period after the abbreviation.  For example, Ave. for Avenue and so on

*If you abbreviate California, according to appropriate postal code, it should be CA with no punctuation

*You should set your  spacing for single space under your tool bar.  Microsoft automatically sets spacing at 1.5, which is inaccurate for business

Create a Memo Template:

Like your letterhead template, you should incorporate the aspects outlined in example. Keep in mind, memos are internal correspondence and should not include your company’s address. Please turn this in as one assignment with identifying information like the title of the assignment and your last or first name. One final note: if your letterhead and/or memo design exceeds three inches from the very top of the page to the bottom of your design, you will be assessed a full grade penalty for every assignment you turn in with the incorrect sizing.  You will not be able to go back and change the sizing if you turn something in incorrectly, so be sure to check your header designs before you turn in all of your assignments from this point on. All of your memo assignments should be turned in using this template.




To :


RE: or Subject line :


Signature Block ?

�From the top of the page to the bottom of the regarding line should not exceed 3” total. That said, you can minimize your top margin up to .5” to better utilize the page.

�Memo or memorandum listed at the top.

�I like my stationery to match, so I use the same clip art and font color on my memo as I do with my letterhead—this is optional for you. If you want your items to match, feel free to do so. If you don’t, it is not necessary.

��“To” and “From” should always be together.

�Remember “Date” and “Subject/Regarding” lines can be apart from one another.

�Keep in mind, spacing is optional for the “To, From, Date and Subject” lines.

�One more comment below …

�Does a memo include a salutation? No! The header is all you need when writing a memo. It does not include a salutation.

�Does a memo include a signature block? No! A memo is internal communication and does not include a signature block—please note this to avoid an error.

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