MADM751 Skill Builder

MADM751 Skill Builder

INSTRUCTIONS: This is a writing assignment that covers the assigned materials (readings, videos, lectures, etc.) for Weeks 1 and 2. Download the Skill Builder #1 assignment template (the link is found below), then write your answers directly into that template (it is a WORD file). Write a minimum of 100 words for each question. Save your changes, then rename the WORD document file as follows: LASTNAME_SB1.docx (your last name followed by an underscore, then the SB1 indication). Then upload the completed assignment to Moodle. This is a TURNITIN assignment on Moodle, which means that when you submit it, you will be submitting it to TURNITIN, and thus receive an originality report indicating possible plagiarism or cheating (there have been problems in the past with students copying the work from past students, or copying from materials previously posted on the internet). Remember, you may only obtain a TURNITIN Originality Report once every 24 hours; so allow yourself plenty of time to resubmit if necessary.

For Skill Builder assignments, focus on thoughts and reasoning rather than spelling and grammar. This is a Socratic exercise – an opportunity for you to think and express your thoughts. This assignment is a reflection of the degree to which you are engaged in the course material, and how well you learned the topics assigned this week. The emphasis of this assignment is synthesis – the connecting of dots – where you tie together in a meaningful way (1) the assigned readings and videos, (2) current business and world events, and (3) your previous knowledge and experience. There is no correct or incorrect answer, but rather YOUR answer, based on YOUR thoughts and understanding of the material/concepts. Please avoid trying to answer what others would say, or copy what someone else has thought or written. There are three fundamental mistakes students often make on these assignments: (1) simply rambling unsupported opinions or simply listing the topics assigned this week, (2) failing to apply one’s personal perspective (i.e. writing as if it were a research paper, with no personal perspective applied), and (3) failing to incorporate all the assigned materials for the week (which demonstrates that the student decided to skip some of the readings and other assigned materials).

What is Entrepreneurship: A Conceptual Nightmare [8 min]

Entrepreneurship as Franchising [2 min]

Entrepreneurial Archetypes [6 min]

Entrepreneurship as Innovation 


Question #1A – Define  (You must write 100 words minimum for the entire question, which includes #1B and #1C. Penalties will be assessed if you fail to answer #1B and #1C) :  What is Entrepreneurship? Provide, in your own words, a definition of entrepreneurship. This is NOT a question looking for you to provide a “right or wrong” answer (or copy a definition via a Google search), but rather an opportunity for you to reflect on what you (and others) think about entrepreneurship, and describe your thoughts.

Sub-Question #1B:  Is “Entrepreneurship” a “catch all” word that encompasses a broad swath of business activity, or is it more specialized? 

Sub-Question #1C:  Do you believe “Franchising” is entrepreneurship? 

Question #2 – Your Aspirations  (answer a minimum of 100 words for this question) :  Why do you have interest in becoming (or NOT becoming) an entrepreneur? If you were to become an entrepreneur, what type(s) of business would you start, and why?

Question #3A – Current Issues  (answer a minimum of 100 words for this ENTIRE question, which includes #3B.  Penalties will be assess if you fail to answer #3B.) Based on your experience, education (including the videos and materials assigned this week), and knowledge, what are the 5 most pressing issues facing ENTREPRENEURS in America.

              Issue #1:               Issue #2:               Issue #3:               Issue #4:               Issue #5:               

Sub-Question #3B:  Why are heads of state across the globe desperately seeking knowledge on how to make their people more entrepreneurial?

 Question #4A – About Business  (You must write 100 words minimum for the entire question, which includes #4B and #4C. Penalties will be assessed if you fail to answer #4B and #4C):Based on your experience, education (including the videos and materials assigned this week), and knowledge: What is business and why does it exist?

Sub-Question #4B:  Based on your experience, education (including the videos and materials assigned this week), and knowledge: Why do people participate in business (engage in commerce, transactions, exchange)?

Sub-Question #4C: What are the 5 most pressing issues (challenges) facing the world of Business in America; and what can be done to address (prevent, resolve, or lessen) the impact of these America.

              Issue #1:               Issue #2:               Issue #3:               Issue #4:               Issue #5:               

Question #5 – Video Favorite (answer a minimum of 100 words for this question) :  This week there was a large quantity of videos (and readings) covering somewhat disparate topics in business and entrepreneurship. Which of these videos most resonated with you in regard to understanding business and entrepreneurship (and why)?  I’m very interested in your thoughts.

Question #6 – Your Definition  (answer a minimum of 100 words for this question): The theme of this week has to do with the essence of entrepreneurship. Several different aspects of entrepreneurship and different definitions were provided. After watching the videos and thinking about it, what is entrepreneurship to you? Does something have to be new or novel to be entrepreneurial?

Question #7 – Empathy:  (answer a minimum of 100 words for this question):  In your own words, describe how empathy applies to entrepreneurship. What does empathy have to do with entrepreneurship?  Is it an important factor to successful entrepreneurship?

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