Management Of Projects

Management Of Projects

PPM502 Management of Projects


1. Title: Management of Projects.

2. Aim: To form part of the MSc examinations.

3. Background: Project management is a growing field that is used increasingly by businesses of all sizes. It is important for organizations to have competent project managers that can oversee projects from conception to completion in order to achieve project goals within given constraints. A survey by McKinsey & Co. on the importance of project management; reported that nearly 60 percent of senior executives (out of 1,440 senior executives) said “building a strong project management discipline is a top-three priority for their companies as they look to the future”. In conclusion, project management strategies drive organizational success where the delivery of business outcomes is realized through successful projects.

4. Task: In this assignment, you will explore an advanced topic in Agile project management not covered in class. You will demonstrate the broad knowledge you acquired in class by exploring a specific domain in more depth. You will read on a particular technique and application of Agile project management, as reported in recent publications, and write a critique after obtaining a solid understanding of the application.

5. Below is sample structure:

1. Abstract

2. Introduction

3. Literature appraisal

4. Findings and analysis

5. Discussion

6. Conclusion (implications to practice and research, and future work)

7. References

6. Submission: Your assignment reports should not exceed 3000 words (references,tables and graphs are not included in the word count).

7. Late Assignment Submissions: Failing to meet the assignment submission deadline will result in a penalty percentage mark deduction.

8. Submission Guidelines: Your report must be submitted using the Turnitin, the tool within Blackboard for submitting assignments. A folder will be provided for you.

9. Evaluation Criteria

The grading will be broken down based on the criteria described in Table below.

Presentationbased on quality of presentationStyleOverall presentation style5%
UnderstandingDemonstrated understanding and question-answering5%
Total for Presentation10%
Reportbased on quality of reportBasic CriteriaUnderstanding of the Agile topic (clarity, soundness, significance). How the domain is related to project management?10%
Overall organization and readability, academic writing style5%
Referencing style and completeness5%
Total for Basic Criteria20%
Additional CriteriaApplications of the topic selected10%
Coverage of the selected topic (breadth and depth)15%
Critical evaluation of selected domain for review, weaknesses in current work15%
Conceptual and practical causes for the weaknesses identified10%
Total for Additional Criteria50%
Exceptional CriteriaDemonstrated understanding of state-of-the-art: How well is the Review structured? How much breadth/depth is covered by the Review? How well does the report explain existing work and related work?20%
Total for Exceptional Criteria20%
Total for the report90%
Delay (deduct 2% from the achieved mark up to day 5)
Total for the assignment 100%

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