Management Operation

Management Operation

Manager Interview Paper:   For understanding as to how the principles of this class are put into operation you will conduct an interview with a manager (can by your manager or any manager who is willing).   Then write a 4 page paper, discussing Planning and Decision Making, Innovation and Change, Managing Teams, Motivation, OR Leadership.   Choose the topic you wish to focus upon, read the chapter and supporting documents, interview the manager asking how she or he is involved in the topic, and write a clear, concise paper about your interview. 

A paragraph with who, where, subject of interview (Motivation). 

A paragraph or two on what you asked about (DO NOT GIVE ME A LIST OF YOUR QUESTIONS).  ‘I asked about how he motivates his staff for better performance.  He said, yada, yada, yada.’
One paragraph with comparison to what the manager said to what was said in class and book.
One paragraph with conclusions.

No references need to be cited. You can say, ‘the book says’ or ‘Dr Max said’

Make sure you have read it out laud, had a friend who is a good critic (knows English well and will tell you your mistakes) and or Cal Poly Writing Center. 

Here are some suggestions for questions when you interview the manager.

Behavioral Interviewing technique is appropriate.  Try not to be boring and repetitive and be consistent.  You may start questions by saying, ‘Tell me about….” 
Please do not ignore the fact that this person may have a lot of work to do. Make sure you thank him or her. 

Planning and Decision Making: 
Tell me how you plan for your department (organization)
How do you plan your week, day?
Who is responsible for the strategic plan of the company?
Do you know the strategic plan?
How is the strategic plan communicated or not?
Do the people who work with you know the strategic plan?

Innovation and Change:
How does change effect your company?
What do you do to manage the change?
What is the biggest change?
When change occurs, do you have support from your management?
Are people asked to be creative and innovate?
How are people asked to be creative?
Is there a reward system for innovation?
Is there a process that supports innovation?

Managing Teams:
Do you have self directed work teams?
Are they really self directed or semi empowered?
What does empowerment mean to you?
How do you empower your employees?
Do you delegate to your team?
Do the members of the team share responsibilities?

How does the company motivate the employees?
How do you get motivated?
How do you motivate your employees?
Have you ever been motivated by any work?
What do you think is a good way to motivate others?

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