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Maryam Mardo


The disc work place is a tool that helps asses a person’s predominant personalities, traits and character and how they affect their leaderships. DISC is an abbreviation that stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. The DISC assessment pays a keen focus on one’s behavioral mechanisms, energy and trust in indicating one’s leadership characteristics.

Brief Report of Results

          Predominant Style and Distance from Edge  

My dot is located on the S region while close to the C region making my style steady and conscientious. This indicates that I am even tempered, accommodating, patient, humble, tactful, analytical, reserved, precise, private and systematic. My dot was closer to the center of the circle indicating that I incline and easily relate to the characteristics of all the four styles listed in the paper.

          Predicted Style Versus Actual Results  

My results bear close semblance to my predicted style. I had guessed I would be Steady and close to the center as I realized I easily relate with the others circles as predicted. I however had not pictured that I would be close to the C. The similarity stems from having taken time to analyze myself severally now through my personal development journey and was thus sure of my traits


My priorities are support, stability, accuracy and results. I thrive in calm places and I dislike randomness. I live to get results and at all times I strive to ensure that things are working out. Interesting is that my desire for results is termed to be unlikely of my SC style probably indicating why I get comfortable around people with the D style.

Analysis of Results 

My style has had a significant bearing in my leadership style. Over time I have realized I am inclined to operate in teams with persons who are result focused and are slow to cause disruptions whenever we set out on a goal. When allocated team assignments I tend to ensure I select persons who will guarantee me support through the tough moments of any assignment and are results oriented. Severally this has seen my team emerge the best in various work place related activities. However my set of priorities make me a little less adaptable in fast paced groups that care little about disruptions.

Motivators and Stresses 

Following procedures, working towards a goal, maintaining standards and immediate results highly motivate me. Rushed decision making, being forced to give up on my ideas and dealing with conflicts stress me quite a lot.

Application with Others

My immediate supervisor’s style is I-Influence. They love taking action and are fast paced in their decision making. Initially I always felt as if they were constantly doing the wrong thing until retrospectively noticed they were able to consistently yield results. Over time I have come to appreciate the difference. Going through this assessment has made it even better since I now understand that they are just different and not bad or better.

Improving as a Leader

In order to improve in my leadership journey, I will set out to understand my colleagues better. Over time I noticed I was overly excited when with people that I approve of their style. However having learnt that there exist differences I commit to better learn and understand others in order to gel with them. Having known my stressors, I intend to work around them to ensure that they do not stress me anymore and limit my productivity. In cases such as being stressed by making of fast paced decisions, I will approach those in my team who make decisions fast and learn from them how they are able to do it.

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