Here is the topic for the Example Memo. Your memo MUST be written using this question. Write a clear, convincing, and detailed memo. Your memo should contain a minimum of three relevant primary examples. Each primary example should be explained and detailed using secondary examples, which will help give your ideas depth and clarity. Remember, your memo’s length does NOT matter to me, but the detail and depth of your ideas and examples are VERY IMPORTANT – so choose your words and examples wisely! These are very unique times, so your ideas/examples should also be new and fresh. No one likes the same old, tired ideas; therefore, be creative! You MUST use unique and fresh ideas/examples. 

Writers are over-using BULLET POINTS. This has led to a lack of development. Instead of bullet points, use paragraphs – this should help you write more complete, detailed, and developed ideas. (This is my hope.) If you do use bullet points, be sure these ideas are also clear and detailed. As always, you can write as much or as little as you desire. Just be certain your ideas are fully explained! Note: use business format: single spaced, double space between sections, headings, bold, effective white space. Do not indent any of the paragraphs, as business format uses block paragraphs.  

Your company has always been known for having a close, tight knit group of employees. You emphasize the importance of face-to-face conversations and company-wide meetings to help create relationships and improve communication.  

In the past, your company, 306 Industries, has held weekly meetings, group brainstorming sessions, and team building get-aways. These forms of communication have made your company successful and caused your employees to find joy and satisfaction with their job and the company. 

However, the current pandemic is forcing many successful businesses to find alternative methods to continue employee communication. Like many businesses, your company has been using Zoom meetings and conference calls in places of the traditional in-person meetings. 

After a recent company-wide survey, you have discovered that these Zoom meetings and conference calls are taking the “joy” out of the work experience. Employees are complaining that these new forms of communication are boring and ineffective. They miss the face-to-face meetings and the connection they had with their co-workers. Employees are claiming they have “Zoom” and conference call fatigue, and they dread all upcoming company meetings. 

You have noticed production is starting to slip and sales have decreased since Zoom meetings and conference calls have become the norm. 

How are you going to fix this new communication crisis? Obviously, these new forms of communication are not working. What can you think of to make this situation better for your employees? Can you think of ways to make Zoom meetings and conference calls more effective and productive? Can you think of alternative ways to communicate with your employees and help them recreate the connection they had before the virus? 

You are the owner of 306 Industries, a company with 50 employees. Write a memo to your employees that explains each of your NEW, FRESH, ORIGINAL, EXCITING ideas. Be as clear and specific as possible when discussing the ideas you are proposing, and explain how each idea will help make the communication process better and more effective, and return the JOY to 306 Industries. 

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