Microsoft Power Point Assignments 3

Microsoft Power Point Assignments 3

Public Art Policy

parneLl island Municipality

This file created specifically for Todd Washington



What Is Public Art?

Why Do We Need a Public Art Policy?

What Is a Public Art Program?

Who Is Responsible?

What Funding Is Required?

How Do We Implement the Public Art Policy?

When Do We Need the Public Art Policy?

What Is Public Art?

Physical works of art and cultural property installed in the public realm:

Temporary or Permanent

Within Buildings or Outdoors on Public Lands

Types of Public Art:



Banners and Signage

Road and Trail Markers

Craft-Designed Benches and Tables

Land Art


Enhance Livability

Why Public Art?

Honor Artists

Celebrate Heritage

Promote Tourism


Purpose of the Public Art Policy

Establish a protocol for funding, selecting, commissioning, installing, and maintaining art in public places on Parnell Island

Develop criteria to review, select, and acquire public art

Develop guidelines for the development, ownership, and maintenance of public art

Who Will Be Responsible?

Public Art Committee (PAC)

Municipal Council

Municipal Staff

Parnell Island Arts Council


Public Participation

Contribute to the review of the Public Art Policy

Submit information for the Public Art Inventory

Apply for membership to PAC

Enter into public art competitions

Contribute ideas, funding, or art

What Funding Is Required?

Funds needed to acquire new artwork, administer the Public Art Program, maintain public artwork

Sources of Public Art Funding

Municipality of Parnell Island budgeted allocation

Projects where private developers have opted to contribute funds

Nonmunicipal grants

Partnerships and co-sponsors

Donations and gifts


Enhance the Beauty of the Island



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