Module 9 Discussion

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Module 9 Discussion

This assignment requires students to review a recent news media article relevant to the module topic and to comment on two media articles reviewed by other forum participants.

Part 1

Locate a recent article published by a reliable media source (e.g., NY Times, Newsweek, Irish Times, Hindustan Times, US News, WSJ, Vox, NPR, etc.) that which focuses on an aspect of cancer relevant to global health, e.g, natural history, epidemiology, burden of disease, disparity, research, interventions. The source may NOT be a website which simply summarizes information, e.g., Wikipedia, Medline, MayoClinic, ACA, nor a research article from an academic journalor. Check with your instructor if you have questions about the appropriateness of your source article.

Create a “Concept Map” summarizing what you have read as follows: 

  1. A focus question – what does this article communicate?
  2. Topics/concepts in boxes/circles – list a series of topics that you think represent the main elements of the article AND further ideas from the current module content that are associated with them.
  3. Linking words to connect concepts – connect the topics you have listed using words that you consider pertinent (e.g., cause, outcome, evidence, similarity).

Finally, upload the file of your concept map (it could be an image or a text file) and the link to the article you analyzed in your forum thread.

You may simply draw the concept map and upload a picture of it or you can use a program/software to create it. Microsoft Office products have many tools and templates available for displaying concepts in this way, including the SmartArt tool located under the Insert tab within Word and PowerPoint. For more guidance on creating a Concept Map using WORD, access this video.

Part 2

Read and comment briefly (at least two complete sentences minimum) on two concept maps submitted by other forum participants. Identify a specific aspect of each post that you find noteworthy and suggest at least a further topic/concept to add to the related concept map

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