Movie Case

Movie Case

Answer this question for the movie bellow. 

Compare and contrast Blake and Mouton’s managerial grid theory to the Ohio State and Michigan studies. Which of the five major style, best describe Captain Ramsey (Gene Hackman) and Lt. Commander Hunter (Denzel Washington.). Use concepts from the text and examples from the movie to illustrate. (C4-3)

Movie Case Analysis                                                                                                      Crimson Tide (Starring Denzel Washington & Gene Hackman)

This 1995 Film, Crimson Tide, is based on the fast-moving, provocative film about a nuclear ballistic submarine which has received orders to do the unthinkable – launch a nuclear first strike against Russia. The strike is ordered to prevent a threatened launch of nuclear missiles which have come into the possession of a rebellious Russian ultra-nationalist – a frighteningly plausible contemporary situation. At this most critical moment, the command structure falls apart as a dispute between the Captain and Executive Officer over the proper course of action results in the crew splitting into two combative factions. The ship convulses as the rival groups take, then lose, control of command. With the clock ticking toward the last possible moment for launch, the situation must be resolved one way or another, with potentially disastrous consequences to an incorrect decision. The strength of the film is that the Captain and the Executive Officer are both right and wrong. The case study shows the potential conflict that can occur when two senior officers Leadership Style and Strategy differs and the course of action to be followed. The dependence of a leader on the willingness of followers is exposed, showing the internal conflict that followers experience when the actions of a leader seem to deviate from their understanding of the mission and values of the organization. In addition, there is a racial undertone in the film, since the Captain is white and the Executive Officer is black.

Topics Include:

Leadership styles, Power/Authority, Followership, Ethics/Values,
Cultural Diversity, Team Breakdown,
Why Leaders Fail, Authoritative Leadership

Theories Covered:

Theory X and Y, Behavioral Perspective

Film Information:

1995, rated R, 116 minutes, color

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