Need Help On MG375DLBU1A2020 Production & Operations Mgmt

Need Help On MG375DLBU1A2020 Production & Operations Mgmt

SCM week 6

Chapter 10


A company currently using an inspection process in its material receiving department is trying to install an overall cost reduction program. One possible reduction is the elimination of one inspection position. This position tests items for which the probability of a material defect averages 0.04. By inspecting all items, the inspector is able to remove all defects. The inspector can inspect 50 units per hour. The hourly rate including fringe benefits for this position is $9. If the inspection position is eliminated, defects will go into product assembly and will have to be replaced later at a cost of $10 each when they are detected in final product testing.

11 Chapter

1. 1) You are curious as to how much Rhonda and Steve made in their business last year. You do not have all the data, but you know that most of their expenses relate to buying the sweaters and having them monogrammed. You know they paid themselves $50,000 each and you know the rent, utilities, insurance, and a benefit package for the business was about $20,000. About how much do you think they made “before taxes” last year? If they must make their payment to the venture capital firm, and then pay 50 percent in taxes, what was their increase in cash last year?

2. What was your reasoning behind using the aggregate demand forecast when determining the size of your order rather than the individual school forecasts? Should you rethink this or is there a sound basis for doing it this way?

3. How many sweaters should you order this year? Break down your order by individual school. Document your calculations in your spreadsheet. Calculate this based on the aggregate forecast and also the forecast by individual school.

4. What do you think they could make this year? They are paying you $40,000 and you expect your benefit package addition would be about $1,000 per year. Assume that they order based on the aggregate forecast.

5. How should the business be developed in the future? Be specific and consider changes related to your supplier, the monogramming subcontractor, target customers, and products

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