One Discussion And 2 Replies

One Discussion And 2 Replies

Ethics, Media, & Money

How do ethics relate to media and money? Analyze and discuss.

Submission Instructions:

  • Your initial post should be at least 200 words, formatted and cited in proper APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources. Your initial post is worth 8 points.
  • You should respond to at least two of your peers by extending, refuting or correcting, or adding additional nuance to their posts. Your reply posts are worth 2 points (1 point per response.) 
  • All replies must be constructive and use literature where possible.

Post by classmate 1

Evaluating this week’s modules on how ethics relates to media and money, it is evident that both go hand in hand. The media conveys and communicates information about an organization and its products through advertisements. Advertisements are communicated through a mass medium platform that transmits information to a large target audience (Boatright & Smith, 2017). The ethical issue that arises with advertising is that it can include deceptive advertising, and even irrational persuasion (Boatright & Smith, 2017). The purpose of these advertisements is to attract consumers and to profit off of the campaigns being advertised. This creates an opportunity for abuse advertising campaigns by giving off deceptive information to wrongfully persuade a consumer. 

If an advertisement campaign is practicing deceptive advertisement, that, in turn, is going to give a negative reputation to the company and consumers will start to question the ethics and morality of the company. Society has created a world for organizations to bombard consumers with advertisements, whether it be listening to the radio, watching TV, or even using social media platforms. Ethics in advertisings is and will always be important because by acting ethically with their advertisings, a company is being responsible for the true needs of the consumer (Rothschild, 2016). There are countless advertisements that state that you are able to get something at an amazing deal, but when consumers go to make the purchase with the organization, they come to find out the advertisement is deceptive and the consumers are unable to make the purchase. The media uses advertisements unethically to get the client to the position of making the purchase, but the ethics now falls with the organization to stand by the advertisements or informing the consumers of the “fine printed details” to obtain the advertised deal. As consumers, we don’t want to be fished into a deal through an advertisement that is deceptive.


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Post by classmate 2

Ethics delegates to the method that explains about what is right, evil, plus false. In media, the appropriate ethic is the same as the correct view plus the correct perception on how to improve social media in the right way plus how to involve individuals to continue being behaving in the correct way. Media ethics involves multiple facets methods that in different parts involve question plus forms created in the mind for those who perform media programs. These people include journalists, news reporters, blog contributors, and to other parts of assessment for media discoursed concerning certain information plus its performance (Maurer, 2013).

Moreover, when media performers such as journalists are giving news about certain events, it is usually critical to re-examine their social, political, plus ethical standards. This means that they should not be immoral and give wrong judgment because what they relay to citizen might impact them negatively.
Nevertheless, studies indicate that media should involve ethics because media that not follow ethics is never reliable, and it is uncontrollable. Furthermore, to lower the issues plus the fear individuals may have after receiving wrong or false news, it is important to use ethics in media systems. Thus, media professionals are governed by specific ethical rules like accuracy, justness, freedom including others to ensure that information is received and does not cause harm to humans. Generally, ethics involves certain values, principles, plus virtues that control what media professionals should communicate to residents (keyanpour, 2012).

keyanpour, L., (2012). Interaction between Media and Ethics.pdf. Retrieved August 06, 2020, from
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