Performance Task

The Director of strategy & logistics (DSL) will lead a newly-formed school-based team charged with ensuring that all school operations are high-functioning so that school leaders and teachers can focus exclusively on student achievement and classroom instruction. The director will manage a team of other non-teaching staff members, which might include managers, coordinators, and assistants of strategy & logistics, as well as custodians, registrars, attendance counselors, clerks, and administrative aides.

The director will be responsible for making sure all operational systems related to facilities, student information systems, attendance, technology, human resources, food services, transportation, health and safety, and scheduling, among others, are running effectively and efficiently. An important part of the director’s role also will be to ensure effective collaboration among team members, and also between team members and other stakeholders including school leaders, teachers, community members and partner organizations.

Please review the DSL position description for more information about the role’s responsibilities.

Also note that DSLs will begin working in their schools on July 5; teachers return to school for in-service professional development on August 15; and students return to school on August 22.

For the purposes of this performance task, you may assume that your operations team includes one coordinator of strategy & logistics, one assistant of strategy & logistics, one registrar (responsible for all clerical tasks related to student registration), one custodial foreman and three custodians.

Performance Task

Please create a project plan that outlines the priorities and plan for you and your team during the first 30, 60 and 90 days as a DSL, including:

·       A clear vision for what success looks like, including goals and deliverables that will enable you to meet those goals

·       Concrete next steps for your plan and an indication of how you would prioritize and delegate various responsibilities

·       Plan should make clear which internal and external stakeholders you will engage (e.g. school staff members, DCPS central office staff, families and community members, outside contractors and vendors, etc.)

Your audience is your school’s leadership team, so please present your plan in a format that is easily shareable

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